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Wednesday Afternoon (21 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 11-November-2009  16:49:11 (GMT +10) - by Agg

MSI and HWBOT are having an online overclocking competition. Therefore, on behalf of MSI, we invite all overclockers around the world to join the Xtreme Speeder P55 Online Competition and to challenge undiscovered extreme overclocking territory of MSI P55 and Intel Lynnfield CPU.

Gigabyte meanwhile have a web-based competition. The GIGABYTE “Smart 6 Challenge” web activity started October 19, 2009, and ends November 27, 2009. Participants need to collect the energy of Smart 6 to help the GIGABYTE warrior defend the earth against a slew of alien invaders. Once you have successfully collected the Smart 6 energy within the set time, you will have a chance to win one of the latest GIGABYTE Intel P55 chipset based motherboards.

Matthew sent in this video-game with real-life consequences. Each alien in the game is created based on a random file on the players computer. If the player kills the alien, the file it is based on is deleted. If the players ship is destroyed, the application itself is deleted.

NinjaLane have some PhysX performance tests, while Bjorn3D looked at PhysX in Darkest of Days. Nvidia Physx has brought us some rather unique effects in this game for instance denser smoke, blowing leaves, more paricles from exploding howitzer rounds, and sparks flying everywhere after firing our weapon.

Rupert Murdoch, annoyed at Google "stealing" his news content by indexing it, is threatening to remove the WSJ and other News Corp sites from the index as well as charging readers for access. When asked why he would buck the trend of offering free content, Murdoch said: "(The public) shouldn't have had it free. I think we've been asleep." Sounds like a brilliant plan you have there, Rupert.

AMD GPU owners playing Need For Speed: Shift might want to check out this report from LegitReviews. This Need For Speed: Shift Patch isn't out yet, but we managed to work our magic and get both the latest beta drivers from AMD and the game patch from EA to see how much smoother and better the game play will be for AMD video card users. We also toss in some NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275 graphics cards into the mix to check out the SLI scaling since the patch is optimized for multi-GPUs.

You can get in trouble for using your mobile phone while driving your car, but what about controlling your car with your mobile phone? We then set up wi-fi communication so we can drive the car from an iPhone as well as from a modified Power Wheels truck. Thanks Rezin.

Tweaktown looked at USB 3.0 SSD performance. We compared USB 3.0 performance against USB 2.0, eSATA, SATA 2.0 (directly connected to the test system) and Firewire 400 and 800. Testing was done on a new system running Windows 7 with a Core i5 750 processor that was hooked into a GIGABYTE P55A-UD4P motherboard, 4GB of DDR3 memory and a NEC USB 3.0 PCI-E x1 controller card. The specific USB 3.0 chip used was the D720200F1 from NEC Japan, one of the few available at the time of writing.

MadShrimps played with some liquid nitrogen on a GeForce GT 220. We pour some -180°C LN2 over NVIDIA's 40nm GPU to see how high it will scale. With the help of some voltage modifications we are ready to breach some world records at the low end of the video card scale.

Today's timewaster is Cargo Bridge spotted by Tony_L.

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