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Wednesday Afternoon (8 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 18-November-2009  15:19:17 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has been diagnosed with cancer. "Doctors say he has diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, a relatively common form of lymphoma," Jody Allen, who is Paul Allen's sister, said in the memo. "This is tough news for Paul and the family. But for those who know Paul's story, you know he beat Hodgkin's a little more than 25 years ago, and he is optimistic he can beat this, too."

The Pirate Bay has shut their tracker down for good, thanks Khalil and others. Switching to trackerless and torrentless downloading on public BitTorrent sites does indeed seem to be an option. Previously, many people thought that BitTorrent would collapse if a dominant tracker like the Pirate Bay went down, but this doomsday scenario never unfolded. In fact, the recent downtime of the tracker did not slow down or stop many transfers, as DHT and PEX seamlessly took over.

TechSpot have a 7-way P55 motherboard roundup. Should you decide to go with the Core i5 750 processor, the next and possibly most difficult choice is which motherboard to purchase. Already there are over 40 possible motherboard options to choose from and today we'll be taking a look at quite a few of the better examples.

LegitReviews checked out two SSDs in RAID0. Today, we will be taking a look at the performance of two Kingston 40GB V Series Boot Drive SSDs. Two of these drives can be bought today for $115 each, which at $230. You can put them into RAID 0 and have a nice little 80GB data array.

LegionHW meanwhile consider Left 4 Dead 2 graphics performance. Valve is about to officially release its latest gaming title, Left 4 Dead 2, and we decided to check it out. The focus of our article is not so much on game play, but rather how well certain graphics cards perform when using maximum in-game visual settings at a range of resolutions.

InsideHW looked at NVIDIA PhysX performance. We decided to give you an insight on performance rates from GeForce GTS 250 (GeForce 9800GTX+) with price tag slightly above 100 up to two GTX 200 GPUs that have slightly higher price tags than that. Support for these was powerful rig based on Core i7 920 CPU that we overclocked from default 2.66GHz up to 3.4GHz just to be sure no bottlenecks would appear.

Hanes have a new range of gamer underwear. Erm. I don't really have anything more to say about that.

NASA and Microsoft are giving you the chance to be a Martian, or at least, learn a bit about Mars. Seems to need their Silverlight plugin thing, though.

Two timewasters today. a driving game from Toshiba and this simple Flash puzzle thing spotted by Khalil.

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