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Tuesday Midday (13 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 24-November-2009  12:38:25 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Apologies for the lack of news - I've been extremely busy. You should have recieved an email (or two) recently reinforcing the earlier recommendation that you change your forum password as soon as possible, and on any other services that you have used the same password on (but please, use different passwords in different places.)

Australia's CSIRO have a GPU-powered supercomputer on the way. The CSIRO said the supercomputer 's NVIDIA-based GPU technology can increase the speed of its scientific data crunching by a factor of between 10 and 100.

Speaking of which, TechReport have more info on the NVIDIA Fermi graphics architecture. If you've been following Fermi since it was announced, you'll know Nvidia didn't really talk about the specific graphics transistors in Fermi implementations. We're going to take a stab at that, though, using information gleaned from the whitepaper, bits teased from Nvidia engineers, and educated guesswork. Remember, however, that graphics transistor chatter does ultimately remain a guess until the real details are unveiled.

A few people sent word that smoking near your Apple computer may be bad for your warranty. When I asked for an explanation, she said he's a smoker and it's contaminated with cigarette smoke which they consider a bio-hazard! I checked my Applecare warranty and it says nothing about not honoring warranties if the owner is a smoker. The Applecare representative said they defer to the technician and my son's computer cannot be fixed at any Apple Service Center due to being listed a bio-hazard.

Some lucky folks on Telstra's HFC network could be enjoying 100Mbps internet soon. It's amazing what telcos can do when they put their heads to it. Telstra, TransACT and Optus announced last week that they would switch on 100Mbps internet services - making ADSL customers green with envy and, one might suspect, Stephen Conroy green with worry.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been breaking sales records, thanks IntelInside. In its first 24 hours on sale, Call of Duty made $US310 million ($333.23 million) in North America and the United Kingdom alone, while Grand Theft Auto made that same amount worldwide. It was also far above the record $US155 million ($166.61 million) opening weekend for the Batman movie The Dark Knight last year.

Guru3D have been overclocking the Radeon 5970. We boosted the Radeon HD 5970 Core from 725 MHz towards 935 MHz and the 4000 MHz memory is running and purring steady at 5240 MHz --- and that's a baffling result on just the reference air-cooler. Tweaktown meanwhile have two in CrossFireX.

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