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Tuesday Morning (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 13-August-2002  01:49:38 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Yet another "ghetto modding" article up on OCWarehouse.. guns and newspaper and the usual stuff.

From Callan: This article says: Fueling the Linux growth of those servers will be new pizza box-sized Linux servers from IBM and the first general-purpose Linux servers from Sun. IBM's will use the server-specific Xeon processors running at 2GHz or 2.4GHz; Sun's will use the cooler but less powerful Pentium III chips running at 1.4GHz. 1.4GHz P3's? Interesting.

MSI have announced their nForce2 motherboard, thanks Shrubbery. They were first with the original nForce boards too, we reviewed their K7N420 Pro, the first non-reference nForce board, here.

Joe says this site is full of remixes of Comodore 64 esque games theme music.

From Jacques: Looks like the latest Epox mobo, the EP-8K5A2+ is going to be a hot sales item. Released yesterday in the States and already buyers have placed orders without so much as a legitimate review being posted on the web. (some sites claim to have a review but its just a link to the Epox web site specs page). Refer to this link and this Canadian web site's supposed review which looks to me like a KT266A mobo anyway (Chip set fan is a dead giveaway) the Epox KT333's (like the ASUS KT333 boards) all have no active cooling.

MikhailTech have a roundup of coolermaster heatsinks.

Tech-Report checked out Intel's Celeron 1.7GHz CPU. Gotta love that.. "value" CPU's are 1.7GHz now. Just the thing for word-processing!

More info on IBM's new CPU's from PsyKo Billy.

Making open source a legal requirement is the goal of a new legislative proposal for California. Keep an eye on that one.. thanks Josh.

There's a LAN coming up on the Gold Coast soon here.. and another in WA here.. thanks Gobbles and MoRpHeUs.

B5Lurker sent in this article about some chick in an Apple ad..? Linchpin sends a link to the ad here.. he says many people believe she was stoned during the ad, and many have created parodies, even shirts and other clothing are available, it's quite amusing. Must plug my TV back in again sometime. :)

Sick of spam? Haroc sent this in: It's called SpamNet. Basically it keeps signatures of all the spam received that people submitted on a central server. Then it filters it out for you. You can add your own spam messages to the global filter, there by helping everyone else. More about it here, Download it here. Unfortunately, it only currently works with Outlook XP/2000.

Haroc also pointed out this 2.7mb pdf which is apparently a detailed world map and pretty cool.. (glares at modem)

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Hercules 3D Prophet 4800 Kyro2 SE-based video card on OCOnline.
Triplex Silver Ti4200 video card added to the roundup on OCNZ.
Zalman Fan Mate fan controller on CaseTest.
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