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Monday Night (9 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 28-December-2009  20:38:46 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's an upcoming video game based on the TV series "House". GoN have some screenshots. Sometimes I post screenshots here because everyone's really excited about a game. Sometimes I post them because they're exclusive. And sometimes I post them because they're giving me nightmares and I hope that by sharing the terror I can dissipate it.

Bjorn3D visited a Kingston memory factory, while Engadget checked out the Klipsch headquarters. The Indy HQ (where we visited) is home to a dedicated design lab, one of only a smattering of anechoic chambers in the world, an in-house painting facility, a construction lab (for building wooden mockups as well as cabinets and the like), an environmental simulator for testing product response to weather variations and an SLA machine that's used to create minuscule mockups of earbuds.

Fudzilla report on an Australian-developed and NVIDIA-powered colonoscopy simulator. "In a similar way that a software development company produces a computer game, we have generated realistic environments that enable trainees to search for polyps and abnormalities inside virtual patients," Mr Passenger said. "We are currently developing a system that can produce realistic, randomised colons, so that surgeons can be prepared for a wide variety of colonic anatomies."

HWZone have a GTX 285 roundup. 2009 heralded the rise of 3D movies, and if you want the same immersive experience on your desktop, you only need to look to NVIDIA. To that end, we are taking a look at some of the most powerful GeForce GTX 285 cards money can buy to power your 3D gaming rig.

Rage sent word of a sale at Good Old Games, so if you want some bargain retro gaming you might be in luck.

Amazon apparently sold more Kindle e-books than physical books on Christmas Day. Yes, this is obviously the result of everyone who got a Kindle for Christmas (lots of folks) firing it up and ordering a bunch of eBooks on a day in which most physical-book readers weren't shopping. But it's still important and impressive. Speaking of which, I thought Kindle was only on dedicated hardware, but it seems to be available for PC now too.

Joseph spotted this fairly silly video from Intel where they fire some employees. Hello, I'm Martti Roth from Intel Finland. At Intel, we love trying new things. So, when me and my team decided to create the world's biggest Intel chime, we used five big cannons, five big tubes and five big heroes with helmets on.

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