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Wednesday Morning (4 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 30-December-2009  03:27:55 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I noticed Jay has done a big update to the Australian Internet Filtering page in our Wiki. It seems Electronic Frontiers Australia are ramping up their campaign against the filter. During the week starting Monday 25 January, EFA is encouraging Australian Internet users to take part in its Great Blackout Campaign, by blocking their profiles on Twitter and by 'blacking out' the home page of their web site.

Similarly, Robert wanted me to remind everyone that the Federal Government is accepting submissions about introducing an R18+ classification for video games. There's a submission template here to get you started.

In the UK meanwhile they're estimating the cost of tackling online piracy at 500 million pounds. The Digital Economy Bill would force internet service providers (ISPs) to send warning letters to anyone caught swapping copyright material illegally, and to suspend or slow the connections of those who refused to stop.

Jason noticed that the 28th was Linus Torvald's birthday, as well as my son's! To this student loan, Linus added what he termed “Christmas money”. As anyone who has a birthday very near Christmas will tell you, such “Christmas money” almost invariably includes money for the birthday bundled in too, so it's likely that some funds for the PC arrived in the form of birthday presents. Significantly, Linus wasted no time in buying the new computer after Christmas – and hence his birthday.

From le_foxx: I received some spam for “Canadian Pharmacy” and found a nice security analysis of the botnet running it. It’s a very convincing site and I haven’t seen much news about spotting these scams lately.

China has a new record-breaking high-speed train. The Harmony express, which reached a top speed of 394km per hour in pre-launch trials, travelled at an average rate of 350km per hour on its debut. This compared with a maximum service speed of 300km per hour for Japan's Shinkansen bullet trains and France's TGV service.

mpot spotted this project to attach SLR lenses to a phone. Mainly just to see if it was possible (and to teach myself about optical couplers), I thought I'd try my hand at building an adapter so I could attach SLR lenses to my iPhone. The result is pretty cheesy, but nevertheless - I present to you, the Phone-O-Scope.

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