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Tuesday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 13-August-2002  17:47:09 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A few people responded about the 1.4GHz P3's - Tse says: I've been using these boxen at work with Linux (dual CPU) and they are actually faster at compiling than: 4 x P3 700Mhz Xeons (Cascades) or 2 x 2.2Ghz P4 Xeons - Dell 2650. At 1U each, these rack servers are very sweet for running compute-intensive apps at the bank where I work. Needless to say, I'm not impressed with the 2.2Ghz P4 Xeons at all. Manaz says: They're Tualatins - the drop to 0.13micron seems to have let the P3 design scale past 1GHz :) while David says: intel released the 1.4ghz pentium 3 a long time ago, its based on .13 micron architecture... intel have(had?) plans to release their last pentium 3 MP (thats right mp) @ 1.6ghz the process is very capable of reaching 1.6ghz, many people from the ocau forums have pentium 3's @ 1.79ghz and celeron tualatins @ around 1.6ghz. So there you go.

Dan talks about robot pets now. Someone give him some flashy things to review. :)

Phoenixburn says: The new official Via chipset drivers v442(a) have been released on viaarena's web site here.

Pooky noticed that eBay are having a free listing day this Thursday. So, dig out that old junk and put it up there, someone might buy it. If you sell it there's the usual fee, but listing is free. Of course, our own For Sale and Wanted To Buy forums are free for members (after you've been a member for 90 days) all the time. :)

OCrCafe compared 3 coolers from Thermalright.

EliteHW have a quick guide to making stealth CDROM drive covers for your PC.

From MotorAce: Article about a new budget video card here. Trident Microsystems are releasing a budget video card boasting "Our performance target for XP4 T3 is 70 percent of ATI's latest R300, and 80 percent of NVidia's GeForce4 Ti 4600." they apparently will offer that performance at 25% of the cost. Looks like they are set for an october release 2002.

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EPoX 8K5A KT333-based SocketA DDR motherboard on TBreak, thanks Martin!
YSTech TMD Fan on GideonTech.
Triplex Silver GeForce4 Ti4600 video card on RadiativeNZ.
ATI Radeon 9000 Pro video card on VIAHW.
eVGA GeForce4 Ti4400 video card on OCAddiction.
CoolerMaster HSC-V62 heatsink on OCIA.
Chieftech AH-01SL aluminium midtower case on AMDMB.

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