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Saturday Afternoon (10 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 9-January-2010  15:51:58 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's hope yet for my flying car dreams, thanks von Stalhein. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will this month hold its first Proposers' Day Workshop in support of a flying car program it will begin this year known as the Transformer (TX). The goal of the TX will be to build a flying vehicle that will let military personnel avoid water, difficult terrain, and road obstructions as well as IED and ambush threats by driving and flying when necessary.

But if I can't have a flying car, I can at least have a Star Trek wetsuit, thanks Mindy. These custom wetsuits are made from official materials providing protection for water-faring trekies and is available in three colors: Command Yellow, Science Blue, and Engineering Red. Avoid the red one, naturally.

Australian capital cities will be getting higher-quality Google Street View images soon. In what has become company tradition, Google staff gather outside their offices around the world to pose for shots that will eventually end up on Street View.

Speaking of exciting street scenes (and flying cars), how's this for spirited driving. The Swedes have developed the MOOSE ROLL! Remind me not to rob a bank in Sweden.

There's a lot of chatter about EVGA's dual-LGA1366 motherboard, which will hopefully be the BP6 of the current era. Some things you may not know: The board is able to run with two entirely different models of CPU, or the same CPU’s at different multipliers. There are two 8 pin, three 6 pin, and two 4 pin floppy connectors in and around the CPU sockets for delivering extra power to the DIMM slots, CPU’s and graphic cards while under extreme overclocking condition.

Also at CES, NVIDIA have shown off the GeForce GF100 Fermi, their flagship DX11 card. Info on LegitReviews, including a triple SLI demo. Legit Reviews got a chance to look at test system that had not one, but three GF100 Fermi graphics cards running in triple SLI demo. The demo is being narrated NVIDIA and it is worth a look! . NVIDIA also announced that GF100 was in volume production, so it looks like Fermi will still be out in Q1 2010.

HWZone report on Sony's 3D Vision, as well as Samsung's 3D technology. Not a fan of 3D? Perhaps the Sony blitz will convince you. Here are the highlights from Sony's CES press conference. I saw Avatar 3D the other day - the movie itself was a bit predictable, but the 3D effect was pretty cool.

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