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Friday Afternoon (3 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 15-January-2010  14:55:04 (GMT +10) - by Agg

We're running very low on popular sizes of polo shirts, so it's no longer a case of "pre-order if you're keen", it's now "pre order if you want one, at all". Info here.

Congratulations to OCAU member oldnewby - his Cygnus X1 mod has been voted the mod of the year over on Bit-Tech. There's a giant worklog here.

Tech Report compared four killer PSUs. Although not a particularly titillating PC component, the PSU is arguably one of the most important. We've pitted four fresh enthusiast-focused units from Corsair, Enermax, Seasonic, and XFX against our beastly load generator to see if one might rise to the top. And one did.

Here's some cool photos from the Dakar Rally 2010 which finishes soon. This year's race began and will end in Buenos Aires, covering a looping 9,000 kilometers between Argentina and Chile over 14 stages. 362 Teams began the race with 176 motorcycles and quad bikes, 134 cars, and 52 trucks.

We linked this Mythbusters nVIDIA demonstration when they first did it a couple of years ago, but at the time I didn't see this related video where they blast Jamie with 20,000 paintballs. :)

OC.com have an article about SSDs, Trim and Disk Space. There is a lot of discussion on forums about the impact of available disk space on SSD performance. A pertinent question was raised; At what point does drive utilization impact SSD performance?

Loop Goose spotted this soft-drink powered mobile phone. By using bio battery as the power source of the phone, it only needs a pack of sugary drink and it generates water and oxygen while the battery dies out. Bio battery has the potential to operate three to four times longer on a single charge than conventional lithium batteries and it could be fully biodegradable. Hrm, this seems to just be a design concept rather than anything anywhere near production.

Bigiain spotted a JavaScript runtime for Flash, which amazingly enough works on the iPhone.

BenchmarkReviews have a AM3 CPU Cooler comparison. In this 'preview' article, Benchmark Reviews tests several CPU coolers on the AM3 socket for the AMD Phenom-II platform. An overclocked AMD Phenom II X4 965 "Black Edition" processor was used (original 140W version), and given a heart-warming 1.55 volts to the vCore so it could reach 4000MHz (4GHz) stable. We did test with 1.6V at first, but felt it was unsafe for all but the absolute best coolers. The heat produced at 1.55V caused at least one product to earn high marks in our tests, while another fell so far below respectible performance that it pains us to expose it.

Codam sent word of a new LGA1156 Mini-ITX board from Zotac. Support for the latest generation of Intel® Core™ i3, Core™ i5 and Core™ i7 takes the ZOTAC H55-ITX WiFi to performance levels previously unattainable by the mini-ITX form factor. The ZOTAC H55-ITX WiFi supports Intel® QuickPath technology for lightning-fast communications to high-speed dual-channel DDR3 memory for superior bandwidth and quicker memory access that delivers the chart-topping performance enthusiasts and performance-hungry users desire.

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