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Tuesday Afternoon (22 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 19-January-2010  15:45:56 (GMT +10) - by Dopefish

Games on Net writes that, Atkins has forced R18+ movies into faceless 'burka boxes'. Adults aged over 18 seeking to buy or borrow a copy of Mad Max, the acclaimed desert war drama Three Kings, starring George Clooney, the Brad Pitt classic Fight Club or the 2009 Blu Ray release of Sasha Baron Cohen's fashion parody Bruno will now find them in plain packaging displaying nothing more than the film's title.

Faux News writes that a Network Flaw Caused a Scary Web Error. A Georgia mother and her two daughters logged onto Facebook from mobile phones last weekend and wound up in a startling place: strangers' accounts with full access to troves of private information.

Tech Spot has a cool article on Enabling Windows 7's Hidden "God Mode". "God Mode" simply provides users with a centralized Control Panel for all of Windows' settings, from changing your desktop background to setting up a VPN or partitioning your hard drive. In all, there are nearly 50 categories and most have several entries.

Big thank you to Jay for sending in this story on a Uni network running porn and pirate movies. Students at Sydney University's elite residential colleges are running a secret computer network for sharing pornography and pirated movies and music. Naughty naughty.

Apparently the Asus E-Reader Has Potential To Change The Market. Reportedly, Asus will be introducing the DR-570 by the end of 2010, but it won't be just another one in the crowd. In fact, it just might be a game-changer. The reader will supposedly have a 6" screen, but rather than using e-ink like every other reader out there, this one will utilize a color OLED screen. Yeah, OLED. OLED displays haven't been used in too many commercial products yet, mostly because of the prohibitive costs involved.

This article asks, Was the Hack into Google an Inside Job? The whirlwind of news and rumors surrounding Google and its dealings in China seems to grow faster, more disjointed and more chaotic by the day. Today, Reuters reports that, in addition to looking at the Chinese government, Google is looking at the possibility that help came from within its own ranks in the recent hacking successes. It seems the rumour mill will keep on churning for a while yet.

According to Computer World, D-Link has Warned of Vulnerable Routers. IDG News Service - Router manufacturer D-Link Corp. today admitted that some of its routers have a vulnerability that could allow hackers access to a device's administrative settings. The Taipei, Taiwan-based form said that it has issued patches to fix the flaws.

Android seems to be doing well with Android Usage UP 200% Over 3 Months. According to new data from ChangeWave Research, both usage and consumer sentiment towards Google's mobile operating system Android has increased over the past several months. As of December 2009, the research firm's survey shows that 4% of all smartphone owners now use a phone running some version of the Android OS. That's an increase of 200% since the previous survey released in September.

Lastly, Kingston are offering replacements for their USB drives affected by the recent security issue. It has recently been brought to our attention that a skilled person with the proper tools and physical access to the drives may be able to gain unauthorized access to data contained on the following Kingston Secure USB drives..

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