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Sunday Morning (9 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 24-January-2010  01:46:32 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Professo spotted HTML5 support in YouTube. HTML5 is a new web standard that is gaining popularity rapidly and adds many new features to your web experience. Most notably for YouTube users, HTML5 includes support for video and audio playback. This means that users with an HTML5 compatible browser, and support for the proper audio and video codecs can watch a video without needing to download a browser plugin.

Audioholics report on a $500 Blu-Ray player turning into a $3500 one. When we received the player the first thing we did was open it up to get a look at the inside. Imagine my surprise when I found that not only did the Lexicon share the same boards and transport as the Oppo - it was in fact AN OPPO BDP-83 PLAYER, CHASSIS AND ALL, SHOVED INSIDE AN ALUMINUM LEXICON WRAPPER.

Tweakguides have updated their guide for Firefox. The TweakGuides Firefox Tweak Guide has been updated for the release of Firefox 3.6. For those who have read the guide previously, the major updates for Firefox 3.6 are indicated clearly. For Firefox users who haven't read the guide yet, now is the best time to correctly configure your browser for optimal performance and learn all about its functionality at the same time.

Something cool from IntelInside: Here's an unusual wedding present - a puzzle box that won't open until it is taken to a certain location in the world!. The Reverse Geocache Puzzle is based on an Arduino microcontroller.

Michael Atkinson isn't making any friends in the gaming community, with comments like this, thanks enigma: "I assume the Gamers4Croydon campaign will involve criminal activities and dirty tricks, which is what I've come to expect from gamers," he said.

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