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Monday Evening (1 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 1-March-2010  20:38:47 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Unsurprisingly, Aussies are leading the way when it comes to social networking. That certainly explains why whenver any new web thing comes along there seem to be a disproportionate number of Aussies on it. :) The study found the social sites, whose use exploded 82 per cent worldwide last year, were used by an estimated 9.9 million of Australia's 22 million population.

If your PS3 is acting oddly, it's probably due to a widespread PSN issue. Forum members and e-mail tipsters are saying this problem is primarily affecting owners of the older model of the PlayStation 3, and is even causing users to lose trophies previously earned. Many titles, such as Heavy Rain, are also now unplayable due to connection issues with Sony's servers. Discussion near the end of this thread.

TheReg reports on the US Department of Commerce's recent statement on internet governance, which states they intend to be more hands-on in future. The new approach is a far cry from a US government that consciously decided not to intrude into the internet’s functioning and growth and in so doing allowed an academic network to turn into a global communications phenomenon.

Online scammers may have swindled up to one billion dollars </dr_evil> from Australians, thanks IntelInside. Scam complaints tend to peak midyear with online scams increasing in popularity, the report says. About 54 per cent of scams involved a "mass-marketed advance fee" whereby consumers pay costs up front for a product that is never supplied.

Speaking of which, beware bogus news sites with malicious code. Unfortunately, as Graham Cluley regularly blogs, any breaking news topic tends be exploited by hackers who use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to lure people to visit their malicious pages. Today's news of a large earthquake in Chile seems to be no exception.

Exetel's chief won't be making many gamer friends with some recent comments, thanks Quan-Time. There’s probably well in excess of three million people using wireless, mainly for different applications at the moment. And they’re certainly not gamers playing, or those other things. They’re the other half of Australia that has a life [pause] rather than a half life.

From mpot: Google have released a competitor to Microsoft's PhotoSynth. There's a video describing it here and some discussion on slashdot here. What is it? The latest to launch is a kind of user-generated layer to Street View that uses photos uploaded by individuals to create a pseudo-3D panorama of a specific spot. Although there aren’t going to be enough user photos to do this for every site or building, it’s an additional way to get different perspectives on popular landmarks.

From ChrisH: The voting for this month's Iron Musician is now open. The topic was Travelling and it attracted a variety of genres. Come have a listen, and vote for your favourite home grown hit.

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