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Monday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 19-August-2002  21:19:54 (GMT +10) - by Lujan

Have you ever wondered how many GHz or MHz your CPU is? How much RAM you have installed? What software versions you are running? What brand that NIC card is? This tool Can help.

Tech Report have an interesting article about video cards rendering "production quality" graphics, quite a read, and includes some useful links.

PsyKo Billy let us know that Dell are moving into the Printer and PDA market according to this article, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Dell confirmed the company will sell printers and PDAs during a Thursday press conference announcing the company's earnings. He would not specify when printers and PDAs will be sold, but said the company views both areas as "attractive" markets.

sniper1g sends news that AMD has finally grabbed a foothold in the lucrative corporate market.

He also reminds us that Valhalla South Australia's biggest lan is on this weekend.

Visiontek is no more, thanks Bern.

NSW is trialling the latest broadband method, Data over power lines.

More news here on intels new 90-nanometer circuitry.

And AMD Catching up to intel in the mhz game.

And you thought you had the ultimate gaming rig?

For those who used our DIY LCD Display article, you may want to check out the latest version of LCD Smartie. Which amongst the signicicant changes, now adds support for Folding@Home stats display.

Lastly, Cluboverclocker has a good article on unlocking those troublesome Athlon XPs

Interesting Modding forum threads: (thanks Bluesmurf)
The Modders ToolKit, what you need to do the job:
The 80's Rice Device - More useless applications for LED's. 56k WARNING! VERY Pic heavy :)
Tips on using Vinyl Dye for CDROM Faceplate colouring
"Fantasy" Colour Changing Paint

Cold Cathode & Fan Combos on OCIA.
Enermax Whisper PSU EG365P-VE on IPkonfig.
Enermax Whisper PSU EG365P-VE on Tweaknews.
16MB thumbdrive on 8Balls Hardware.
ECS AG400T8-D64 (Xabre 400) on Mikhailtech
iRiver MP3 CD Player on Hardwarezone.
XOXIDE X300 Case on EliteHW
Western Digital WD800JB Hdd on Thetechzone.
Iceberg 1 Water Colling Kit on overclockersclub
PCMods Power Down protector on System Cooling.
Lian Li Biohazard Side Panel on Ipkonfig

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