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Monday Evening (13 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 29-March-2010  20:49:11 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The US Government has joined the throng expressing concerns about the proposed internet filter for Australia, thanks fabricator. More info here. Officials from the State Department have raised the issue with Australian counterparts as the US mounts a diplomatic assault on internet censorship by governments worldwide.

GoN report from the opening of Australia's first "video game bar", The Mana Bar. Located in the heart of Brisbane's nightlife district, Fortitude Valley, owners Yug, Pras, Shay and Yahtzee are attempting to create something that simply doesn't exist outside of Asian shores - a purely videogame themed bar. The biggest draw of the Mana Bar is its unique mixture of booze and gaming, with a dash of great music thrown in for good measure. That's Yahtzee of ZeroPunctuation fame, of course. More photos and info here, thanks dfcowell!

Von Stalhein spotted this article about F1 technology. In accordance with the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) regulations, each car has roughly 100 sensors placed in key data capture positions and send anywhere up to 20 gigabyes of data back to the pits during a race.

Phoronix report that NVIDIA are dropping their open-source Linux driver, thanks MP. NVIDIA will continue supporting their high-performance, feature-rich proprietary Unix driver on Linux / FreeBSD / OpenSolaris systems, but they are kissing goodbye to xf86-video-nv. This is not a bad thing per se as the Nouveau driver is certainly a superior solution, but it is unfortunate that NVIDIA will not be supporting the Nouveau development, releasing open-source documentation, or providing other open-source support like their competitors at ATI/AMD and Intel have done and continue to do in supporting X.Org.

Guru3D play around with a Phenom II X4 and LN2. We'll have our tame race driver 'OldScarface', a Dutch overclocker, tryout the latest revision of the Phenom II 965BE -- the latest stepping with a lower TDP. The objective is to pass 5 or maybe even 6 GHz on this processor.

Wired report on a mini 3D display that doesn't need glasses. A handheld cube-shaped display promises to offer all the thrills of 3-D without the annoyance of the glasses. The device called pCubee arranges five LCD screens into a box-like shape so viewers can pick it up, watch content or play with virtual objects inside. It's not exactly a cinema screen, though.

From Amfibius: Cooking for March 2010's Iron Chef competition is finished and the entries are up for judging. Vote for your favourite entry in this thread. Meanwhile I'm eating leftovers..

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