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Friday Night (0 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 24-August-2002  00:00:44 (GMT +10) - by Agg

NeoSeeker have a 3-way shootout of mini barebones systems.

Having trouble getting your Audigy working under XP? Ripnet have a guide that might help.

TechPC have an interesting article.. about using a modern (XP1800+) CPU with an older (KT133A) chipset.. there's life in the old dinosaur yet, info here.

TheDDRZone have a guide to slipstreaming officeXP SP2 guide. Pretty much the same as our one from yesterday here, but they took 6 pages to say what we said in 1. :)

From Eugenius: In connection to the 'hacking made legal' news on Thursday morning, here is an interesting development, an ISP has banned the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) from their networks after RIAA has announced its plans to access computers without owners consent.

TheTron spotted Robin Williams confessing that he's a net - and Half-Life - addict.

NeoSeeker have an i845D tweak guide, for P4 DDR motherboards based on that chipset.

3DVelocity have an overview of Trident's new XP4 graphics technology.

A news-burst from Iroquois: Slipstream SP3 into a Windows 2000 CD. Link found between hacking and Aspergers Syndrome. Another worm going through KaZaA. Starbucks offer wireless Internet at cafe's. Intel researching putting two cores on one chip. Powerpoint presentation on AMD Opteron's, from Platform Conference 2002.

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For AMD Newbies in Newbie Lounge.

Swiftech FS020-H20 watercooling system on A1-Electronics.
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