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Sunday Night (4 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 16-May-2010  21:00:03 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The Australian Government has a new website to help people gain access to justice. Do you have a legal problem? Not sure? Access to Justice is about helping you find someone in your area who can provide information, help you understand your options, and decide what to do.

eBay Australia will no longer force members to use PayPal, largely thanks to an ACCC investigation. The move was announced yesterday and welcomed by the ACCC, which had received a "substantial number of complaints" about eBay's Accepted Payment Policy. "The ACCC considered a large amount of information as part of its investigation and considers this is an appropriate outcome," according to a statement from the Commission.

From DavidRa: The Dept of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy is soliciting feedback and assistance on the NBN Implementation Study. Register and contribute here - it might be a good way to have feedback from a community such as ours heard by the government (not that it will necessarily help if Conroy is still there post election). But if you don't have your say, don't complain about the result.

Mpot sent in this clever story about someone using Google AdWords to get a job. While Googling his favorite creative directors last summer, Brownstein noticed that there were no sponsored links attached to their names. Since Brownstein Googles himself "embarassingly frequently," he assumed that the creative directors did so as well, and thus he decided to purchase their names on Google AdWords.

BeHardware have an interesting article about PC component return rates, as gathered by a large French retailer. The returns rates given concern the products sold between April 2009 and September 2009, namely after between 6 months and a year of use. The statistics by manufacturers are based on a minimum sample of 500 sales, those by model on a minimum sample of 100 sales. Each time, we have compared manufacturer’s rates with those in our previous article on the subject published 6 months ago.

Google will be offering encrypted search soon. Allowing users to search using https - the web security system which many associate with online banking and shopping — would mark a first for a major search engine, and could begin a move by web services such as social networks to begin offering encryption for more than just log-ins. Such increased adoption would cut down on network eavesdropping and also have the added benefit of preventing some online attacks.

Ali Y sent in a page by Antec, busting some PSU myths. Some forums users and even some major companies are spreading the idea that single +12V rail power supplies power up the latest graphics cards in a better way, in order to market their products or to scare other users. This is of course total nonsense. To understand this matter better, let’s examine some different scenarios and how the actual power is being distributed to the graphics cards.

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