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Friday Afternoon (5 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 21-May-2010  13:38:15 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Just a reminder that you can order your OCAU Hoodie at the moment..

Travellers can apparently now be searched for porn in Australia - even legal porn. Patten said officials now had an unfettered right to examine travellers' electronic devices, marking the beginning of a new era of official investigation into people's private lives. She questioned whether it was appropriate to search people for legal R18+ and X18+ material. More here (possibly NSFW URL). How long until customs make sure your laptop has an appropriate Windows license?

If you get mugged, you might be lucky if there's ninjas nearby. They also failed to notice a ninja, Nathan Smith, standing in the shadows outside the dojo. Mr Smith immediately alerted his sensei, or teacher. Another ninja, Steve Ashley, said: "It was probably the worst place in Sydney where they could have taken him."

A few people sent word of a new partnership between Foxtel and Microsoft. Microsoft and Foxtel today announced a new partnership that will soon offer Australians the chance to watch pay television via their Xbox 360 console rather than a set-top box. Foxtel by Xbox Live will include Foxtel channels like Fox Sports, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Disney and MTV as well as video-on-demand services such as movies and television programs. Foxtel's announcement here, more here.

Sean spotted that ASRock have added fast iPod charging to a few of their motherboards, similarly to Gigabyte's recent announcement. Presumably ASRock's parent company ASUS won't be too far behind, and indeed everyone else may follow, hopefully enabling it on a range of existing boards.

Google have open-sourced the VP8 codec, thanks Sean. Open-sourcing the VP8 codec (under a BSD license) is a major win for the open-source community and is even something that the Free Software Foundation had publicly been trying to get Google to pursue.

And remember, there's only a few days left to get your free Portal!

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