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Monday Afternoon (14 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 24-May-2010  15:09:09 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The CSIRO say a change in Microsoft licensing fees could cost them up to 50 IT staff. According to the union, CSIRO's corporate support area had a frozen budget and $9 million in extra costs, $3 million of which were for Microsoft licences. The CSIRO is no longer considered as an academic organisation for software purposes, which has led to the additional charge, Borgas said.

Scientists have announced a breakthrough in artificial life. Scientists in the US have succeeded in developing the first living cell to be controlled entirely by synthetic DNA. The researchers constructed a bacterium's "genetic software" and transplanted it into a host cell. The resulting microbe then looked and behaved like the species "dictated" by the synthetic DNA. More here. thanks polymorph.

Meanwhile scientists at Perth's Curtin University have a new cooling breakthrough, thanks Kosta. Curtin's research team, led by the university's head of mechanical engineering, Associate Professor Tilak Chandratilleke, has developed a method of creating a jet without having additional fluid circuits - a periodic fluctuating jet rather than a continuous flowing jet. An oscillating diaphragm keeps injecting a pulsing jet onto the fluid stream, giving a much better heat transfer.

SEGA say they'll be bringing some SEGA Genesis classics to Steam. “It’s exciting to be able to offer these classic games to a new audience” said Nick Pili, Network Business Director at SEGA Europe. “Delivered via our digital partners, every PC owner can now enjoy these timeless masterpieces whenever they want!” Certainly some classics in that list.

Speaking of classic games, here's a funny article about the origins of Pac-Man. I was trying to come up with something to appeal to women and couples. When I imagined what women enjoy, the image of them eating cakes and desserts came to mind, so I used "eating" as a keyword. When I did research with this keyword I came across the image of a pizza with a slice taken out of it and had that eureka moment.

YouTube and Facebook are now blocked in Pakistan, thanks Kosta. PTA spokesman, Khurram Ali Mehran, said the action was taken after the authority determined that content considered blasphemous by devout Muslims was being posted on the website. "Before shutting down (YouTube), we did try just to block particular URLs or links, and access to 450 links on the Internet were stopped, but the blasphemous content kept appearing so we ordered a total shut down," he said.

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