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Monday Afternoon (28 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 31-May-2010  14:46:07 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Today's your last chance to order your OCAU Hoodie!

There was an iPad frenzy in Sydney on Friday, with long queues at the Apple store. Amusingly nobody seemed to realise they could buy them from a nearby shop which had plenty of stock and no queues. Why wasn't someone handing out flyers to the queue then, we wonder. One JB Hi-Fi store in Sydney's George St, just metres from Apple's flagship Australian store, had no queues, available demonstration models and plenty of stock at 10am, even though Apple fans queued in their hundreds nearby.

Still, that hasn't stopped Apple from becoming the biggest technology company in terms of market capital. Apple's shares rose as much 2.8 percent on Nasdaq on Wednesday, as Microsoft shares floundered, briefly pushing its market value above $229 billion, ahead of its longtime rival. Both stocks ended down after a late-day sell-off, but Apple emerged ahead with a market value of about $222 billion, compared with Microsoft's $219 billion, according to Reuters data. Let me just put "AAPL" on my "list of stocks I wish I'd bought into", right next to "Google on IPO day". Discussion here.

Stephen Conroy has vowed to push on with internet filtering despite widespread criticism. The poll results are interesting too. Let's see if we can flog this horse back to life! The scheme has attracted broad opposition from communications experts, search-engine companies Google and Yahoo!, the federal opposition and members of the nation's intellectual elite.

Blizzard say that DRM is a losing battle. "If you start talking about DRM and different technologies to try to manage it, it's really a losing battle for us, because the community is always so much larger, and the number of people out there that want to try to counteract that technology, whether it's because they want to pirate the game or just because it's a curiosity for them, is much larger than our development teams," he added. "We need our development teams focused on content and cool features, not anti-piracy technology."

Wired report on how the Web can rewire your brain. We’ve always skimmed newspapers more than we’ve read them, and we routinely run our eyes over books and magazines to get the gist of a piece of writing and decide whether it warrants more thorough reading. The ability to scan and browse is as important as the ability to read deeply and think attentively. The problem is that skimming is becoming our dominant mode of thought.

TechSpot show how an Ubuntu flash drive can save the day. Being prepared by having another environment to troubleshoot your PC helps tremendously. We will cover a few ways an Ubuntu boot flash drive can save your tail when disaster strikes like resetting a forgotten Windows password, clearing malware and retrieving lost data.

That's not all Ubuntu can retrieve, with widespread reports it can bypass iPhone security, thanks JD. More info here, thanks HyRax1. Basically, plugging an up-to-date, non jail-broken, PIN-protected iPhone (powered off) into a computer running Ubuntu Lucid Lynx will allow the people to see practically all of the user's data--including music, photos, videos, podcasts, voice recordings, Google safe browsing databases, and game contents. The "hacker" has read/write access to the iPhone, and the hack leaves no trace.

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