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Monday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 26-August-2002  13:34:22 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Sniper spotted info on a new HDD technology.. that could allow up to 50 TERAbits per square inch and uses lasers.

2CPU have a couple of reviews up: the Asus AP1400R 1RU server and the Turbo Aluminium fulltower.

PlanetPrices is a new price comparison site.. based in the USA, but they have an Australian mode, with AUD prices from Australian vendors. If price comparison is what you're after, also consider RazorPrices and the original, Techwatch's inside PC and outside PC bits.

Some Melbourne OCAU people (over 18's only, I assume) are getting together for a Pub Meet.. details in that thread.

NeoSeeker checked out Fragmart, a LAN event in the USA.

Nintendo set a world record.. not for anything to do with their consoles, but for the biggest bowl of spaghetti. Just imagine a bunch of guys, dressed up as Mario, diving in a huge bowl of pasta... disgusted yet ? ;) Thanks Rick.

Angryant noticed that WinXP SP1 has some changes to Product Activation.. Users will have up to 3 days to re-activate Windows XP after making a hardware change that triggers the need to re-activate. Previously, users were required to re-activate immediately upon the next boot after the hardware changes were made.

There was a bit of a furor over the weekend, regarding BAPco's Sysmark benchmarking suite. I'll admit that most of it escaped our attention - you can get an "as it happened" view with commentary by surfing [H]ard|OCP's front page and news archive, but I'll give you the basics in one spot here. Initially, a VansHardware article pointed the spotlight at Sysmark, wondering why it seems to irrationally favour the P4. There's some further analysis in this AcesHardware thread. Then, in this Anandtech thread, Anand joined in and explained: Here's the main problem: SYSMark 2001 ran a certain set of tasks but in the move to SYSMark 2002, a good deal of the tasks that AMD's Athlon was faster at were removed and replaced with tasks that the Pentium 4 was faster at. Both sets of tasks are perfectly valid tests of CPU performance (it's not like BAPCo just stuck in random tasks that don't do anything) but the point that must be made is that the changes were made seemingly without any user-level research to back them up. That's about where it stands for the moment, hopefully we'll see an official response from BAPco soon.

SilentPCReview have an article on undervolting and underclocking.. freaks! No, it's so you get a silent PC for places where that's more important than lots of grunt.

Chainbolt, our man in Japan, sends word that the 2.6GHz and 2.8GHz P4's have hit the streets over there, with pictures in a thread in our Intel Hardware forum. I think it's only hours away from the official announcement of these CPU's. They also seem to be a new stepping, perhaps even with new features, as he shows in another thread.

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