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Monday Afternoon (5 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 7-June-2010  14:02:45 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Another of the oddities from Computex is this ASUS Immensity X58 Hydra with integrated GPU. Nah, it's not some lame-o integrated chip that chokes up when playing back 480p versions of last night's Glee -- it's a full-fledged ATI Radeon HD 5770. Thankfully for you, that's not where the fun ends. There's also an integrated Lucid Hydra chip fused onto the PCB, which means that you're free to slap another pair of PCIe-based GPUs in and get a three-way CrossFireX setup going. Discussion here.

Also, a phone that plays WoW. Intel has managed to make Moorestown-based phones do an awful lot of things on stage. Multitask, scale photos sans lag, and automatically correct your grammar before it comes out of your mouth. But believe it or not, one thing we haven't seen the Aava Mobile-built reference design do is play the full PC version of World of Warcraft and / or Quake III (from within Moblin) for over an hour on a full charge. Well, until this week's Computex event.

The Mars 500 crew who are testing isolation in anticipation of an actual Mars mission in the future have entered their 520-day lockdown. Like in a real Mars mission, the crew will have to survive on limited food rations like those used by real astronauts and their only communication with the outside world will be by email, with a delay of up to 40 minutes. The hatch will only re-open when the experiment is over or if one of the all-male participants is forced to pull out. Controversially, no women have been selected for the experiment, called Mars 500.

Australia's landfills are busting at the seams with electronic waste, report the ABC. In Australia, more than 17 million televisions, computers and other electronic products are thrown away every year. The desire to keep up with the latest technologies means current models are ending up on the scrapheap in ever increasing numbers, and what is going into landfill contains dangerous toxins. It's a shame they're not putting it to better use! :)

A damaged space probe will be landing at Woomera. When it is about 10km above Woomera a parachute will open and the basketball-sized container will float to a landing, to be urgently located by an automatic beacon and collected. The 18kg container has been granted an import permit, because it is from overseas. The contents will be taken to Japan for analysis.

Meanwhile widespread reports of a UFO over Eastern Australia are thought to have been the Falcon 9 rocket, which successfully launched on Friday. He said the successful launching "bodes very well" for President Obama's proposed shift in national space priorities, turning launches to low-Earth orbit over to the private sector while NASA focuses on deep space exploration.

From Jaren: Take one combo video card / magical gigabit nic card here, combine with one external pci-express to express card adapter here, end up with ultra awesome portable gaming laptop here. Despite various mobile graphics solutions making laptops a little better at slinging pixels while maintaining great battery life (Ion, Optimus, etc.), sometimes you have ready access to an AC outlet and just want to get your game on.

World War II code-breaking centre Bletchley Park will be putting their archive online. He said since the archive is so big nobody knows exactly what each individual document stored there contains. However, the information they expect to dig out will definitely include communication transcripts, communiques, memoranda, photographs, maps and other material relating to key events that took place during the war.

A few people sent in this lego printer. Cool project. :)

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