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Tuesday Morning (11 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 15-June-2010  01:34:49 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The response to the Government's proposed requirement for ISPs to retain browsing information for all customers has been somewhat mixed. Director of the Communications Law Centre at the University of Technology in Sydney, Michael Fraser, says keeping the private web browsing data of all internet users is a step too far.

An Australian restaurant is replacing menus with iPads. "The thirst for knowledge from consumers these days is massive," says Lucas. "It doesn't matter whether it's ingredients, origins of produce or wine, and particularly Old World wine, this platform can provide as little, or as much, information as each customer wants.

Bit-Tech have an article about what it's like to work at nVIDIA, thanks Sniper. The Developer Technology group is extremely diverse, given that we have my admittedly odd background alongside people who have worked in graphics for years, people who have worked at game development studios, and people who have worked in academia and research roles in the past. Overall though, now I’m working with developers, maintaining a development and testing environment for our group, and running some demos at events we’ve had or attended.

E3 kicks off this week and you can keep up to date via YouTube. YouTube's coverage of E3 is back, including live streaming from Monday through Thursday with IGN.com. Check the channel for regular updates on the biggest gaming event of the year. Meanwhile confusion reigns over Valve's E3 surprise or absence thereof.

Someone decided to see if the HTC EVO 4G's scratchproof screen is really scratchproof. An Android Forums member was due to return his defective EVO to Sprint anyhow, so he figured he'd take the opportunity to run the lame duck unit through some torturous scratch tests including keys, a screw, a penny, and -- of course -- a razor blade.

A few people sent in this cool monster Lego chess setup. A very large chess game using LEGO MINDSTORMS(R) robots for EACH piece. Or perhaps a Lego sniper rifle is more your style, thanks timbot.

The Pirate Bay has opened a dating site. According to Pirate Date founders, the site was created to "share their single friends in the same way they share files." The site will use a system of "social trust" that allows members to vouch for each other and verify that friends are real and available. Mmm, scurvy wenches.

If the internet seems slow, it's because it's running at record usage levels thanks to World Cup fever. And even though the traffic dipped going into the afternoon, it stayed well above normal - registering some 6.5 million vpn, or 130 percent of normal - at 5 p.m. ET. The bulk of the demand in the last 24 hours has come from North America and Europe - but all regions are reporting “Heavy” usage.

Another similar timewaster from LethalCorpse - this time it's Steam Engineering.

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