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Friday Afternoon (3 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 18-June-2010  14:26:01 (GMT +10) - by Agg

HackerSpace Brisbane are having a logo design competition, says Lemming. What we are looking for is a simple logo that we can use on all our advertising material, something that is easily recognizable, portrays the ideals of a Hackerspace and it would also be nice if it portrayed us being in Brisbane. There's even prizes!

Hyundai's new premium sedan no longer comes with a printed manual, but instead, an iPad. That should help thieves narrow down their targets, then. ;) Hyundai USA President and CEO, John Krafcik, says the decision to use an iPad is in keeping with the luxury positioning of its new model. The iPad manual will incorporate interactive text, pictures and instructional videos to provide better assistance to owners. The iPad manual will also allow the owner to book the car in for a service without having to contact the dealer.

PCGamer report on hardware that responds to Starcraft II as you play - and can presumably be pursuaded to work with other games. Blizzard, when helping Razer make the hardware, opened up the game to pump out little bits of data, including a player’s actions per minute. Krakoff explained that if you’re averaging beneath 200 actions per minute, the LEDs will glow green. Up to 400, they’ll glow yellow. Go above 400, though, and they’ll turn red. The dream scenario is that at a tournament, all the pro-players will have flashing red headsets. The keyboard flashes when you're under attack, too.

There's a new Mac Mini, and CoD wonder if it could be useful as an HTPC. Meanwhile iFixit pulled one apart. One of the biggest changes here is the fact that the new Mini comes with an HDMI port! Apple has refused for some time to integrate this little bugger but now with the inclusion the HTPC market may just change dramatically. Aside from the inclusion of the much anticipated HDMI port, the Mini is smaller than a Wii at just 7.7 inches wide/deep, just 1.4 inches tall and only uses 10 watts of electricity when idle!

YouTube has a new video editor. YouTube has a new video editor that lets you create videos using excerpts from the videos you've already uploaded. You can also add a music file from the AudioSwap library, but YouTube mentions that it might display ads if you use some of the audio files.

Instead of Twitter being used to tell everyone what you're up to, one guy is planning to use it to get people to tell him what to do. You'll also be able to watch Perez's every move that week on a live webcam attached to his thick-frame glasses. So you won't have to take his word on the fact that he's following through with the Twitter commands. You'll be able to watch, in real time, as the internet turns him into a helpless puppet.

Virage87 sends word of a new sci-fi show developed exclusively for free online distribution. I just finished the first episode and it has an interesting storyline. The production is not on a par with that of, say, battlestar galactica, but it is certainly impresses with a budget of only $6000. Check it out here.

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