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Tuesday Evening (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 27-August-2002  17:39:45 (GMT +10) - by Mitchee

Evening again everyone! Lets get straight into it shall we?

First off, Dan from DansData has some more toys for us to look (read: drool) at! This time, his bubble gun works!

Tweakers Australia have posted their view on the new Intel P4 2.8GHZ CPU. Nice to have an aussie view on things now and then eh?

Just around the corner Overclockers New Zealand have reviewed the 128Meg VIVO nVidia Ti4600 card from Leadtek. Look at the size of that heatsink!

VR-Zone have 2 new reviews up. Firstly the Hercules GameSurround MUSE 5.1 DVD soundcard. Very blue!

Secondly from VR-Zone comes the Plextor PlexWriter. Writing at 48x and re-writing at 12x, this burner is at the top of the pack.

Jimmy found the official Audigy drivers for Windows XP, then posted them on the forums! Heres the link to the post, and heres a direct link to the file itself.

An update of that JPEG virus mentioned previously. Bevan who sent us that link says: "The virus dosn't infect JPEGs as such, it simply uses them as a place to dump data by appending binary data to the jpeg. It isn't possible to be infected by a JPEG, the virus must *already* be running on the target system before the appended data on the jpeg can be read." Remember, folks, if you're not running the latest anti-virus libraries, you're a fool! ;)

RatedPC have taken a look at the Samsung 171MP monitor, and say that it "...is one of the coolest monitors we have seen that offers great multimedia features."

To finish off the news from me, here are a few (read: even) more P4 2.8GHz reviews! :D


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