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Monday Morning (9 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 21-June-2010  01:13:14 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Electronic Frontiers Australia are holding a Wild West Internet Forum in Melbourne this Friday, thanks Paul. The Government contends that only it can save the internet from the anarchist nerds who want to keep it as the "Wild West". Come and hear how successful we think the self-appointed internet sheriffs are going to be. Join us in Melbourne on Friday, 25th of June for a free event dissecting the Rudd Government's mandatory internet censorship plan.

The Federal Government and Telstra have struck an NBN deal. The Government will pay $9 billion to access Telstra infrastructure - including pits and ducts - to avoid duplication. A further $2 billion will go towards dealing with structural separation issues, including setting up a new company, USO Co, to meet Telstra's universal service obligation for the delivery of standard telephone services, payphones and emergency call handling from July 1, 2012. More here.

Meanwhile the USA are looking into an internet kill switch, thanks Skymaster. US President Barack Obama would be granted powers to seize control of and even shut down the internet under a new bill that describes the global internet as a US "national asset". Local lobby groups and academics have rounded on the plan, saying that, rather than combat terrorists, it would actually do them "the biggest favour ever" by terrorising the rest of the world, which is now heavily reliant on cyberspace. Discussion here.

HWHeaven have a Hard Drive Roundup. Todays review includes SandForce, Indilinx and Toshiba based SSDs mixed in with the Seagate 6GB/s and VelociRaptor mechanical models then just for good measure a high spec 2.5" mechanical drive is added to ensure we have a complete picture of the real world performance available at each market segment.

KitGuru checked out the HQV Benchmark 2.0 using ATi, nVIDIA and Intel graphics. HQV Benchmark 2.0 is an updated version of the original tool and it consists of various video clips and test patterns which are designed to evalute motion correction, de-interlacing, decoding, noise reduction, detail enhancement and film cadence detection. There are two versions of the program, standard definition on DVD and high definition on Bluray. As our audience will be concentrating on HD content so will we.

OCClub have a H55 & H57 Motherboard Roundup. In this roundup we will be looking at five different H55/H57 models manufactured by Gigabyte, ASUS and ECS.

The New York Times report on a night in the Foxconn factory. His task is to help complete 1,600 hard drives - his workshop’s daily quota - and to make sure every one is perfect. Seated in the middle of the assembly line in his black Foxconn sports shirt, cotton slacks and company-mandated white plastic slippers, he waits for the conveyor belt to deliver a partly assembled rectangular hard drive to his station.

Solomods have a look inside the new slim Xbox360, and while they're at it they whack a window and some bling into it. :)

ZDNet have a more detailed look at the proposed data retention proposal for Australian ISPs, thanks Paul. Data retention requires telecommunications providers, including internet service providers (ISPs), to log and retain certain information on subscribers for local enforcement agencies to access when they require it. The regime sees certain data logged before any suspect is identified, meaning that every internet users' online activities are logged by default.

IBM are aiming to have a computer play the gameshow Jeopardy, thanks Matt. Way back in April of 2009, IBM announced plans to build a question answering (QA) computing system with the ability to understand complex questions and answer them with enough precision to compete against humans on Jeopardy! Last year, Dr. David Ferrucci, leader of the IBM Watson project team, said the system named Watson would have to spend a lot of time studying before it was deemed ready to compete.

From HyRax1: Sick of those noisy Vuvuzela horns ruining your World Cup viewing experience? For those using an HTPC of some description, filter them out with the following: HowTo for all platforms here. Plus a custom patch for MythTV users here. Ingenuity at its finest.

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