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Wednesday Evening (12 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 30-June-2010  17:45:12 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The process has begun to turn off analogue TV, so if you're in Mildura and your TV doesn't work, now you know why. Experts warn that despite improving popularity and $190 million in funding, many viewers are still not ready for the change and may soon see their screens fade to black.

Timbot sent in this old but interesting webpage about dodgy motherboards. We only remember seeing these boards with UMC or PC Chips labels, but apparently you could ask for anything at all: UMC, SiS, Intel, you name it. After all, from the importer's point of view, if it helped close a sale for 500 motherboards, how much did it cost to get some sticky labels printed up?

Automated mobile numberplate-recognition systems are being rolled out in NSW and trialled in South Australia. Fairfield Highway Patrol sergeant Rob Malovic yesterday nabbed three drivers in Surry Hills during a demonstration of how the vehicle worked. The technology, based on a similar system in Belgium, can track stationary cars as well as those in motion up to a speed of 200km/h. Up to 200km/h, you say..

IntelInside spotted some leaked Windows 8 info. The Italian Windows website “Windowsette” somehow managed to get a hold of a super-secret, highly confidential PowerPoint presentation outlining many of Microsoft’s goals and plans for Windows 8. Discussion here.

NVIDIA Surround and 3D Vision Surround are checked out on PC Perspective and HotHardware. Today, NVIDIA is ready to release 3D Vision Surround technology to the masses. With the release of their latest driver, users can connect three 3D Vision capable monitors to a pair of GeForce videocards to experience cutting-edge gaming that promises to provide a level of immersion never seen before on the PC. Of course, there are several differences between NVIDIA's technology when compared to other multi-monitor gaming solutions, and we'll provide you with those details on the following pages.

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