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Thursday Afternoon (3 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 1-July-2010  14:48:16 (GMT +10) - by Agg

NASA have a page about the Space Shuttle's computers. "The environment of space is very harsh and unfriendly and not just space, but getting into space," said Roscoe Ferguson, a space shuttle flight software operating system engineer for the United Space Alliance. "Something like a desktop might not even survive all the vibration. Then once you get into space you have the radiation." Even after a major computer upgrade in 1991, the primary flight system has a storage capacity of one megabyte and runs at a speed of 1.4 million instructions per second.

Finland has become the world's first country to make broadband internet availability mandatory for its citizens. Finland has become the first country in the world to force its ISPs to treat broadband like postal services and telephone connections. From July 1 onwards, every citizen will get access to a reasonably-priced connection with a minimum speed of 1Mbps.

Internode have revealed some information about denial of service attacks. The ISP, one of Australia’s largest, can terminate DoS attacks easier than others, Hore claimed, because it owns the physical international network links to Europe and America. That claim was demonstrated this week after the Whirlpool attack was brought under control several hours after it began midnight Tuesday, after Internode and network provider BulletProof isolated the offending IP addresses and terminated access from its international routers.

TechSpot checked out the GPU and CPU performance of the new game Singularity. Singularity is getting released just today for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms, generating a lot of buzz as of late for its supposedly exciting single player campaign (we haven't managed to play the game in full just yet) and the gameplay paradigm that it presents, giving you a "Time Manipulation Device" to play with and use as a weapon.

A lawsuit claims that Dell knowingly shipped 12M faulty PCs. At one point, 1,000 computers that Dell delivered to the law firm that was defending it in the suit started failing, and the computer maker allegedly "balked" at fixing them. Even when Dell did get around to replacing faulty motherboards, a contractor that Dell hired to look into the issue found that Dell's replacements were themselves faulty.

There's new system builder guides on BenchmarkReviews and Tech Report. With new processors and solid-state drives launching left and right these past few weeks, we felt it was prudent to wait for things to settle down before updating our system guide. Now, with the Fourth of July weekend coming up and the great summer lull well on its way, we've finally gotten a breather—and a chance to review our component recommendations.

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