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Monday Evening (2 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 12-July-2010  18:43:51 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Australian researchers are working on making mobile phones work with no network. The signal between phones is limited to several hundred metres, the ABC said, but by adding more devices and small transmitters the range can be expanded. Dr Gardner-Stephen said the system had the potential to save lives in a disaster. Discussion here.

If you just can't wait for the national internet filter, or you'd like to have more control over your own or your family's browsing, stmok noticed FamilyShield from OpenDNS. The single easiest way to keep your kids safe online - and away from adult websites - on your home Internet for free. No software to install.

Former QLD Premier Peter Beattie was at E3 recently, and spoke up about Australia's lack of an R18+ rating for games. The politician then used his experience as fodder for a very public championing of the pro-R18+ ratings category for video games, calling on the Australian public to catch up with the rest of the world, protect our kids, and support a growing local industry.

Fans of The Chaser will be happy to hear they are returning to ABC TV, to cover the 2010 federal election. YES WE CANBERRA! is an all-new format which showcases The Chaser in their current occupation - as warm-up guys for the network's current affairs flagship Lateline.

This sounds too bizarre to be real, but apparently Samsung have a mobile phone with a projector in it. These itty bitty projectors are starting to make inroads in compact business devices and other portable devices, but they're still struggling to get a foothold on mobile phones. Samsung has already had a couple of midrange phones with DLP pico projectors built in, and LG had a handset with a snap-on projector for AT&T last year. But the Beam marks the first real smartphone I've heard of to get its own pico projector.

TechCrunch reckon that Google has quietly invested in gaming via Zynga, the company behind mega web hits FarmVille and Mafia Wars, among others. The investment was made by Google itself, not Google Ventures, say our sources, and itís a highly strategic deal. Zynga will be the cornerstone of a new Google Games to launch later this year, say multiple sources.

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