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Thursday Night News Thrashing. (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 29-August-2002  21:05:44 (GMT +10) - by Mitchee

WOW! That plead for news was very sucessful! The box was literally full! Bout time for today's update then eh? Here goes!

Firstly, Menthu Rae sends us a hell-of-a-lot of reviews! In order that he sends them: MSI KT4 Ultra Review, EPoX 8K5A2+ Review, Blue LED Fans (Non-Antec), Philips MMS306 5.1 Speakers Review, Vantec Stealth 420W Aluminium PSU Review, Y.S Tech TMD Fan.

Tom' Hardware has an 'Ultimate computer toolbox how-to' article on his site. Thanks Eman.

Want plasma? No no, not the gun from Duke, silly, the Samsung 42" Plasma TV! Iamnotageek has a review of one right here. Quote from the review; “Although the SPL4225 is listed as a Plasma TV on the Samsung Canada website, it really isn't, it is a display. The reason I say it is not a TV, even thought it is meant to watch television on, is because it does not have a TV tuner in it. You can not just hook up your cable or antenna and start watching. You have to hook up a cable box to watch TV. This actually makes sense, because with a "Display" like this you aren't going to want to use basic cable, your going to want to hook up a digital cable or satellite box."

Looks like the Americans are following in our footsteps again. This time, they're flying in planes over cities, looking for wireless networks, just like our resident Perthians! Heres a link to their feeble attempts at copying us. ;)

Bit-tech have a review up of a fancy Rainbow LED and some fancy tricks they can get it to do using some circuitry.

Another review from Bit-tech, this time, they take a look at the Cooler Master ATC-101. Which reminds me that i posted a review of the window which goes with this case a couple of nights ago!

Tony sends a reminder of the Brisbane Mesh Antenna Workshop on this Sunday. He says: "Just a reminder about the Brisbane Mesh Antenna Workshop. When: Sunday, September 1st, 2002, 10am - 3pm. Where: University of Queensland, Hawken Engineering Building (room 50-S201). The antenna workshop provides an opportunity for meshers to come together to learn about, design and build antennas such as cantennas, simple omnis and modded galaxy dishes."

Quick! Theres a new version of MotherBoard Monitor out! It now has full IDE HDD temp monitoring, and SCSI HDD temp monitoring too! Thanks to Mr Chilled and Looktall for sending that in.

Shamus sends exciting news that Intel are dropping their prices on Friday 23rd August, officialy Monday 26th August 2002. Coooooooolies! :)

Leadtek is new to the motherboard side of the market, and is coming in with a bang! Their new motherboard boasts on-board GF4MX graphics, AGP 8x and 3D Dolby surround, all of which is running off the nForce2 chipset. Thanks to Ben for sending that in.

Koopz says that TeamSpeak is a great alternative to RogerWilco. It lets you talk to your friends in real time in games, great for clan matches and the like.

A1 Electronics have reviewed a ATi Radeon 9700 Pro. It looks like a nice review with some benchmarks and pictures of the card itself. Heres the link.

Okay, that should keep you going for a while! See ya tomorrow!

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