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Tuesday Morning (26 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 27-July-2010  03:06:37 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A few days ago marked the Amiga's 25th birthday. My first home computer was an Amiga 1000 and I've always had a particular fondness for them. You can read the New York Times announcement of the Amiga from 1985. Whether it will sell is another matter. In the currently turbulent computer industry, even a dazzling machine like the Amiga - it has been described as a color Macintosh that works faster than an I.B.M. PC AT -has to fight for display space in the stores and is not guaranteed success. It's purely coincidence that OCAU added a Retro & Arcade forum a few days ago, btw!

BigPond have slashed their broadband prices, but some ISPs consider this unfair. Internode general manager of Regulatory and Corporate Affairs John Lindsay said BigPond's price cuts provided additional evidence of Telstra using its monopoly position to limit competition, and that Internode would now await a response from the ACCC.

Bottle Domains has lost its appeal and is now no longer an accredited registrar. Domain name regulator auDA said it was contacting those customers that were impacted. "The domain names of Bottle Domains' customers are not at risk," auDA chief Chris Disspain said. "auDA is in the process of contacting all those whose domain name is registered through Bottle Domains to provide them with all the information they need."

LostCircuits have an article explaining NAND flash. We've looked at the detailed architecture of NAND flash as the primary building block of SSDs and its advantages and shortcomings based on the architectural idiosyncrasies.

Neotheo pointed out this advertisement for Ubuntu. The video shows off the capabilities of Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Edition/Remix on some pretty Dell netbooks and is a stunning few minutes of Ubuntu-filled win - whether you’ve seen it before now or not. Discussion here.

TBreak report on Tab Candy in Firefox 4. In its simplest form, Tab Candy is just an Exposé style overview of all your tabs. However, it goes much further than just a simple visual representation of all of your currently open tabs. You can drag and drop different tabs into different groups, rename said groups and reorganize them in a convenient way that most suits you. In essence you can create a mind map to keep your daily browsing activities in check.

An interesting ruling in the USA seems to have legalised jailbreaking of mobile phones. Owners of the iPhone will be able to legally break electronic locks on their devices in order to download software applications that haven't been approved by Apple Inc., according to new government rules announced Monday.

The Swiss Jet Man has been testing a new wing, thanks Shaun. That looks like a lot of fun. :) Now that the flight behavior and reliability tests of Jetman's new delta wing have shown it to be much safer and comfortable to fly than all the previous prototypes... it's time to push it a little further and see what it's capable of!

Today's timewaster is an odd one - w0ng noticed you can play snake on YouTube!

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