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Friday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 30-August-2002  16:04:00 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Big news for the day is that DetonatorXP 40.41 drivers have been released by nVidia.. and some GF4 owners are claiming up to a 25% performance increase with them. There's some discussion and results here in the forums, with jumps of 1000 3DMarks not too uncommon. Not a bad free upgrade, but you have to wonder where this performance is coming from. Without delving too deeply into paranoia, it seems convenient that nVidia's flagship chipsets suddenly become faster when threatened by ATI's new 9700 chipset. Anyhoo, if you want to have a dig around for the appropriate file for your O/S go here, but they seem to be only available for Win2K/XP at the moment.. grab that file from AusGamers here or nVidia's site here. I think they're Beta still, so they might do horrible things to your PC. Edit: there's a press-release about them here, thanks Submariner.

Speaking of nVidia drivers.. some info from Peter that got buried, about the 31.00 DetonatorXP's: Appears lots of people are having trouble installing these drivers esp under XP & I was one of them. Using a Ti200 running on an o/c XP1600+ under XP, I got a .dll initialisation error msg every time I tried to install. Other strange thing is that in the past the drivers have been around 8 - 10Megs. This one is only 6.55Meg. Guru3D admit they had to hack the .inf to get them to work for them so possibly give them a rather wide berth for now.. ..especially now that later, faster ones are out.

A nicely finished box in the PCDB from SiriX, and Dale's watercooled machine turned out pretty well too.

JimX sent along a funny nigerian scammer story.. it's long but you can skimread to get the gist of it.

Firemoth spotted that sometimes the big rocks missing us aren't so big, and sometimes they don't miss.

J.Rotten says: The licensing terms of Thomson and the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, who are the owners of the mp3 patents, have changed. Now not only mp3 encoders but also mp3 decoders require a license. This page lists the fees -- it's $0.75 per decoder. What happens to winamp and others? 100 million users x 0.75c, who pays? Winamp's latest news page makes no mention of it. Update: slashdot have a story saying it's no big deal.

From Flugle: Gainward Gefore Ti4200 - a lot of people have been having problems with them locking up. A story is here.. which also links to the Madonion and Overclockers NZ forums where people are having problems.

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