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Tuesday Morning (12 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 12-October-2010  03:01:41 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Voting has opened in our Loudspeaker Kit Contest. The theme was "a self-portrait of you enjoying your favourite music just a little too much" - there's some hilarious entries. Go vote!

Virgin Galactic's spaceship has taken its first solo flight. The spaceship was carried to an altitude of 45,000ft (13,700m) by an aeroplane and then dropped to glide back to the Mojave Air and Space Port. Enterprise will soon be taking people prepared to pay $200,000 (£126,000) on short hops above the atmosphere.

Meanwhile if you have one the other Enterprises, you might need this new Haynes manual when you're crawling through the Jeffries tubes, on the way to modify the main deflector dish to send an inverse tachyon pulse and collapse the warp bubble. This fascinating Haynes Manual features cutaway drawings, technical illustrations and photographs along with comprehensive background information and specifications on the technology used on board the USS Enterprise, in all its various incarnations.

Sniper sent in this story about the Government considering offering NBN incentives for ISPs to move their customers over. Worryingly for NBN Co, fibre take up rates in Tasmania have stayed sluggish at around 50 per cent. Achieving high rates of take-up is critical to the commercial viability of the NBN and last week Telstra chief executive David Thodey upped the pressure with a warning that the carrier wouldn't tolerate being forced to keep its copper network alive for transition delays or fibre laggards.

Khalil spotted Engadget's coverage of Microsoft's Windows 7 phone launch. So, that is my demo, before I leave I want to add a little information about a feature... our phones support updates and so our phones can be updated. I wanted to announce today we've heard feedback, and early in 2011 we're going to add copy and paste. Everyone who buys a phone now will get that update.

Here's a very bizarre ASUS advertisement from the USA. Although it might just be a contest entry, not an official ad. Possibly not work safe, I guess?

Final Fantasy fans might enjoy this upcoming concert at the Sydney Opera House. With fan-favourite composer Nobuo Uematsu and conductor Arnie Roth, the Sydney Opera House will swell with the award-winning music from the FINAL FANTASY video game series as it’s performed by a full orchestra, with state of the art videos and stills shown on massive screens highlighting the games most memorable sequences.

Odje sent word of an upcoming documentary on the electronics industry in Australia. After several months of researching, interviewing and filming, I’m excited to present the first public Trailer to my new Documentary “State of Electronics” – A discussion on the Electronics Industry in Australia. Even though the documentary is focused on Australian Electronics Design and Manufacture, much of it applies to all countries from around the world. Discussion here.

Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine could be to be built for the first time, hopefully. The drawings held in the Science Museum reveal the ungainly machine as the forerunner of the modern electronic computer. It contained a central processing unit, which Babbage called a "mill", and 1.7 kilobytes of expandable memory, which he referred to as "the store". It was fully programmable via punched cards used to input data.

Recently it was 10/10/10, which is (kinda) binary for 42. This made Ubuntu go a bit strange and release version 10.10 of their OS. Accordingly, the distribution designed a set of successors, marked by a circle of friends...to ultimately bring Unity to all things living...Ubuntu 10.10, to find the question to the ultimate answer. HotHardware have more info.

Wired report on a student who found an FBI tracking device on his car. The FBI would like it back now, please. The answer came when half-a-dozen FBI agents and police officers appeared at Yasir Afifi’s apartment complex in Santa Clara, California, on Tuesday demanding he return the device.

From petercr: The IT Crowd is back with season 4 that started on Wednesday night on ABC1 at 9pm. If you missed the first episode, it's available on iView here.

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