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Friday Midday (2 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 22-October-2010  12:34:43 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Futuremark have released another 3DMark 11 Tech Demo video, giving us another sneak peek of their upcoming DX11 benchmark. LostCircuits have posted some thoughts about it.

A Russian guy has a worklog of building a 90TB plywood PC. It doesn’t make much noise. Sitting next to it you can communicate almost in a whisper. Coolers on 1200 are spinning even more slowly as they plow on 9 volts. Any professional solution of this volume will be much more expensive and many times more noisy.

XbitLabs compared five Mini-ITX cases. Our today’s roundup will be covering five miniature system cases designed to accommodate mini-ITX mainboards. We will discuss the products from such well-known manufacturers as Antec and Thermaltake as well as a few products from not very familiar brands.

They also checked out the full range of Radeon HD 5xxx GPUs. While we are about to welcome the sixth generation of AMD Radeon graphics products, let’s look at the full Radeon HD 5xxx series graphics cards in the latest tests using newest drivers.

TechCrunch report on Apple now shipping recovery software on a USB stick. When you get your MacBook Air and you open the box, you will find exactly zero optical discs inside. Normally, Apple includes at least one back-up DVD to reinstall OS X and other software if your computer fails. But now, that has been replaced with a super-slim USB stick. This stick, packed in with your manual, is all you need to reinstall your system now.

Wired report on a lego building robot. Software engineer by day, Lego maniac by night Will Gorman has created the MakerLegoBot, a machine that can take a virtual 3-D model and assemble it using Lego bricks. The machine is itself built entirely out of the Lego system, which raises the possibility — theoretically at least — that the machine could, with some modifications, build a copy of itself.

It's only been a year since Windows 7 came out, and they've managed to sell 240 million copies, thanks dasuperham. Turns out the little OS has done pretty well for itself, with 240 million licenses sold, giving it a 17 percent global operating system market share, and making it a healthy chunk of the 1.2 billion Windows PCs out there.

IntelInside spotted that the Dead Sea Scrolls are going online. "This is the most important discovery of the 20th century, and we will be sharing it with the most advanced technology of the next century," IAA project director Pnina Shor told reporters in Jerusalem.

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