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Tuesday Morning (13 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 26-October-2010  02:53:12 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Cassius sends word that tonight's episode of Insight on SBS at 7:30pm is about the National Broadband Network. So along with these criticisms this INSIGHT will examine and debate whether we should toss out the existing telecommunications network, just how enthusiastic the takeup will be in homes and what impact this high speed network will have on the delivery of health and education services.

The International Space Station now holds the record for the longest uninterrupted human presence in space, beating Mir, the previous record holder. More spacey stuff: you can watch the next Mars Rover being built, they've found lots of water on the Moon and they have a 100-year spaceship program in the works.

Sony is discontinuing the iconic Walkman after 30 years. A batch of Walkman cassette players produced back in April in Japan is now officially the final run ever, as Sony has announced that it won't make any more. Since first landing in 1979, the Walkman line has accounted for 200 million sales over the decades.

Italy's privacy regulator has told Google they have to give people 3 days warning of where their Street View cars will be mapping out. Plenty of time for people to dream up whacky things to be doing when the car rolls by.

Australia's telephone number system may be reorganised. Use of area codes, free-call numbers and special numbers set aside for satellite services and early-adaptors of internet telephony will be examined in an historical shake-up of the telephone numbering plan outlined in a discussion paper released by the Australian Communications and Media Authority this morning.

Raymond Kurzweil has some thoughts on the future. He said: 'I believe that within the next 20 years we will have thousands of nanobot computer machines in our blood that will heal our bodies, improve our performance, and even be able to back up all the contents of our brains, just as you backup your files on a computer.

Here's an interesting video, a power company has opened a gym where all the machines are hooked up to generators. The more you exercise, the more power you generate, and the more is deducted from your power bill.

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