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Monday Morning (8 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 1-November-2010  03:40:23 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Foxmulder881 sends a reminder to de-dust your PC now the weather is heating up again. It's hard to say if dust was what killed his PSU, but it's a good reminder anyway. :) Small paintbrush and vacuum cleaner are my tools of choice.

Dasuperham noticed Microsoft moving away from Silverlight and going to the more standard HTML5. More info here. Regardless, Silverlight will now be mainly known as the development platform for Windows Phone going forward. In other words, the way to make native apps for those devices. But for just about everything else, it will be HTML5 or bust. And thatís great news for all end users. Itís one less plug-in to download. And itís another step towards a unified web. I've never installed the Silverlight plugin and don't think I've missed anything important without it.

AMD have chatted with XbitLabs about the GPU market in Q3. Shipments of graphics adapters in Q3 2010 were below expectations and below shipments in the second quarter. What is it? A sign of new weakness in the global economy? Or just a temporary correction caused by local factors? Let us try to find it out with a vice president of the leading supplier of standalone graphics processors - Advanced Micro Devices - who kindly answered questions of X-bit labs.

The Mars Rover Spirit isn't doing too well, but despite being stuck in one spot it has found possible evidence of liquid water under the surface. None of these soluble minerals are exposed at the Martian surface, which indicates the soil interacted with water recently, and probably continuously. Because the Martian surface is constantly being sculpted by wind, these layers would have eroded away if they were laid down long ago. Discussion here.

Tech Report have been overclocking 6850 and GTX 460 video cards. What we found is tremendous headroom in of both of the major mid-range GPUs, especially when combined with custom coolers.

OC3D meanwhile compared offerings from HIS and EVGA for midrange gaming. Time for the Middleweight Championship of the world. In the red corner the HD6850 and HD6870. In the Green corner the GTX460 768MB and 1GB.

Also from dasuperham, Russia looking into a Linux-based Windows alternative to reduce their U.S. tech dependence. Russia [System operates you!] won't be the first country to work on a national operating system either: China's Red Flag Linux first appeared back in 1999, and only last week India announced its plans to build a proprietary, hyper-secure operating system.

Tweaktown checked out OCZ's SSD toolbox. If you follow the solid state drive market, you may have heard some of the reviewers talk about a tool released by OCZ called the OCZ Toolbox. OCZ released this tool for reviewers many months ago and asked us to keep it under wraps while they perfected this application. On October 20th OCZ released an updated version of the Toolbox for the public. The public release is missing a couple of the features found in the beta editions, but all of the useful tools are present. Letís take a look at the software and see what all it does.

Overclockers.com have an article about ghetto extreme overclocking. What started as an OCF Benching Team forum goof, and then morphed into a MythBusterís style mystery, turned into the following laugh filled, sub-zero experiment. The proper way, if there is such a thing, to take a GPU to sub-zero temps is with a purchased or custom built DICE/LN2 GPU pot. There are many fine examples of such pots readily available on the internet. The problem is that most of them can be a fairly expensive purchase for the average fellow who just dumped all his money into new hardware, or the average bencher who just killed half of his.

Finally, it looks like Thermaltake are running a video competition to show off a new case.

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