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Monday Afternoon (10 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 6-December-2010  14:22:48 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The CSIRO are looking into broadband via TV antenna, to bring fast internet to the outback. Australia began switching off its analogue TV signals in June and the transition to digital-only transmission is expected to be complete by the end of 2013, five years before the rollout finishes for the NBN. The spectrum is then expected to be auctioned off for communications purposes and this low-frequency analogue television spectrum could be the perfect solution.

With the Federal Government's recent support for an R18+ classification for video games, all eyes are on the state Attorney Generals who would have to unanimously approve it. GamePron have some comments from Michael Atkinson's replacement in the role of South Australia's AG. I donít necessarily believe that having an R18+ classification is inconsistent with protecting children, but exactly what formulation could deliver both of those things, Iím not entirely sure yet.

From Darkness: This guy is unreal! He takes characters from movies, tv, games etc and draws them 'simpsons' style. A quick flick through gave me Robocop, Batman, Spiderman, the X-men, characters from Street Fighter, The Dark Knight, Half-life, Ghostbusters, Braveheart and so on. Very cool.

PC Perspective have info on process delays affecting AMD and NVIDIA's chip fabs. Several years back TSMC promised 32 nm to its customers in an early 2010 timeframe. Unfortunately, TSMC was unable to deliver adequate volume of 40 nm production until Q1 2010. TSMC knew this was going to be a problem several years ago, and in 2008 they changed their plans. There was not going to be a 32 nm process, and it was going to go directly to 28 nm.

HWSecrets have more info on PSUs claiming bogus efficiency certifications. So now you should not only check whether a power supply has an 80 Plus certification, but also verify if it is legit! You can check whether an 80 Plus certification is legit by seeing if a power supply is listed at the 80 Plus website.

Dasuperham spotted more info on the Net Neutrality issue brewing in the USA. You like the idea of Internet data caps and overage charges, right? And the prospect of paying your ISP separate fees for "the Internet" and for "managed" IP services like voice, video, VPN, telehealth, and smart grid applications, even when these directly compete with similar Internet-delivered services?

Here's a cool Kinect hack to give you Predator-like camouflage, thanks (to the oddly-appropriately named) Shadowman. Yup, a Japanese coder by the name of Takayuki Fukatsu has exploited the versatile openFrameworks to give Kinect a mode where it tracks your movement and position, but turns the dull details of your visage into an almost perfectly transparent outline.

The USAF have built a PS3-powered supercomputer. Using PS3s for the supercomputer's core allowed AFRL to construct the system for a total cost of $2 million, which Barnell estimates is five to 10 percent of an equivalent system built entirely with off-the-shelf computer parts. It will also consume one-tenth the power of other comparably powered supercomputers, officials said.

Oracle meanwhile have a new SPARC Supercluster, thanks dasuperham. More info here on ArsTechnica. The hardware configuration used to achieve the record was a single SPARC Supercluster with 108 SPARC T3 chips, for a total of 1,728 processor cores. The system also has 13TB of memory, 246TB of flash storage, and 1.7 petabytes of total storage capacity. Ellison, who giggled with excitement (seriously) during the presentation, giddily told the audience that the test involved pumping a quadrillion records into an Oracle database.

Today's timewaster is The Company of Myself, from Sam.

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