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Monday Night (6 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 3-January-2011  23:51:30 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

Following the wake of Sandy Bridge excitement (check the thread in our Intel Discussion forum), Phoronix explores how well Sandy Bridge chips will work with Linux.

"But Sciby!", I hear you cry,"I don't care about Linux, I just wanna play games!" Coolio, I reply, and give you an article from TweakTown about Sandy Bridge gaming performance. Aren't I nice?

And even more on Sandy Bridge: Intel's Sandy Bridge sucks up to Hollywood with DRM - Intel's sellout to the big media companies makes it 'safer' for Hollywood studios to offer premium movies to consumers on locked-down personal computers. Thanks to Lee for that.

AirQ mailed us with this snippet: Soon we could see light-based networking, using ceiling lights as a transmitter. Nice idea, until that one guy in every office who's obsessed about saving power comes in and turns off the lights.

From the "Didn't they go the way of the Dodo?" file, a SOYO Fusion APU motherboard has surfaced at EXPreview. Last time I saw a SOYO board was one I owned back in 1998 with a Pentium 75. Good for them!

In a move that will really surprise no-one, China has 'effectively' banned Skype and other non-state owned voip communications, apparently by making it illegal. Didn't Dubai do this as well, some time ago?

Use Hotmail? Missing all your email? Well, you're not alone! I somehow doubt you'll be able to sue Hotmail for the missing data though.

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