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Monday Morning (14 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 17-January-2011  02:10:28 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Over the last couple of weeks OCAU has emerged blinking into the light of social networking, setting up official twitter and facebook pages. We also set up Tapatalk (discussion here) recently too, which makes it a bit easier to view the forums on a mobile phone. The app isn't free, but if you keep an eye on tapatalk's twitter they are giving away serial numbers occasionally.

Telecommunications and lack of power are continuing problems in Queensland, and at least one PC retailer has been flooded. "The Milton store is completely submerged at this stage...in the store itself...we don't know anything. We can't get access to the store. We didn't really get much of a chance to get anything out of the store from what I've been told. By Tuesday lunchtime the store was completely covered. No-one was allowed to go back in to do anything or try to save anything."

CAPS LOCK wanted to warn us that the phone scammers are still active and ringing people in Australia. Again I don't think any OCAU readers would fall for this, but maybe remind your less tech-savvy friends and relatives that Microsoft does not ring you and ask you to install mysterious support software on your PC.

PCPerspective spoke with OCZ about their decision to exit the RAM module market. OCZ: In the short term nothing has changed and OCZ is continuing to sell and support memory through the wind down process, in the long term the focus of the company is shifting to our fast growing SSD solutions but rest assured we are continuing to fully support customers that have purchased our DRAM products.

Now, I'm fine with computers flying our planes and educating our children and wotnot, but when they start winning our gameshows, well, that's just not on. In today’s demonstration match for the media Watson played against Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings, the two great (human) Jeopardy champions who will provide opposition for Watson in a two-day exhibition match. That man versus machine faceoff will air in February, and carries a prize of a million dollars. Bad news, humans: In today’s exhibition of about 15 questions, Watson tallied $4,400, compared to $3,400 for Jennings and $1,200 Rutter.

Lots of large technology websites have been sued over a patent on online press releases. Apparently whoever is behind Gooseberry got tired of simply trying to demand cash from mom-and-pop press release services, and has now decided to sue a bunch of online services, Digg, Reddit, Fark, TechCrunch, and others. What do any of those companies have to do with generating press releases online? You've got me.

Dasuperham sent in this kinda cute video of kids and vintage technology. Kids from a school in Québec, Canada, are in front of 80s 90s generation technologies have to find what are those objects used for.

Google are running a Science Fair for students around the world. The Google Science Fair is being conducted in partnership with CERN, The LEGO Group, National Geographic and Scientific American. Details on how to enter are here, but the basics are that students can enter by themselves or in groups of three by April 4. Finalists will be invited to participate in a live event at Google headquarters in Silicon Valley.

From Silicon Angel: Just a heads up for anyone considering the new Razer Vespula mouse pad with gel wrist rest - the Razer logo on the wrist rest is currently screen-printed rubber and is likely to wear off within a couple of weeks of even casual use (maybe as little as a day with a heavy gaming session). Razer RA have said they will replace Vespulas with this problem, even though it's only a relatively minor cosmetic fault. So if you get one and you're disappointed that it wears so easily, you can RA it direct to Razer or to the place of purchase. Hopefully Razer will come up with a better process for printing their logo on these in a future revision. Personally I think it really is only a very minor issue which the features of the pad more than make up for.

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