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Tuesday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 18-January-2011  17:18:45 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Prime Minister Gillard has backed a Freedom of Information exeption for NBN Co. As an incorporated company, NBN Co will avoid FOI scrutiny, unlike Australia Post, the ABC, SBS and Telstra before it was privatised. The Prime Minister today confirmed the public would not get access to information held by the company rolling out the $36 billion National Broadband Network.

Steve Jobs is taking medical leave from Apple. Apple's CEO is taking a medical leave from work, his second in as many years, with Tim Cook filling his role during that time. In an email to the Apple team, Steve Jobs says he'll be on leave to "focus on [his] health," though he will retain the position of CEO and will remain involved in the major strategic decisions -- Tim Cook will be picking up the slack on day-to-day operations. No further details have been provided, save for Steve expressing his love for Apple and wish to return to his duties as soon as he can. Apple shares dropped 8% in response, thanks The_Shadow.

SMH have an article about saving data, for flood victims returning to their homes and in some cases flooded PCs. Despite repeated warnings from computer security companies for people to keep regular backups of their personal data, most don't. And for those who do, it's likely that the backups are kept in the same place as the computer itself, which is no help if your house is flooded.

On a somewhat related note, Choice have looked at ruggedised USB drives to see just how tough they really are. Torture testing 18 products, including putting them through the wash and running over them with a car! Surprisingly, some of the normal ones fared better than the so-called 'ruggedised' versions. See the report to find out which brands and models survived.

Lexar have an amazing video of their memory manufacturing process, including lots of people in bunny suits, lots of robotic arms and hopefully, no dust. Lexar, a division of Micron technology, is a leading global provider of memory products for digital media. Check out this behind the scenes look at the extensive work and care put into each Lexar product.

Another cool video from Sniper, this time of autonomous quadrotors building things. Teams of quadrotors autonomously build tower-like cubic structures from modular parts. Work done by Quentin Lindsey, Daniel Mellinger, and Vijay Kumar at the GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania. Those cage-building skills will come in handy when they inevitably enslave humanity.

There are new Facebook privacy concerns. If you you aren't already paranoid enough to remove your address and cell phone number from Facebook, today might be the day. Facebook has decided to give its third-party app developers API access to users' address and phone numbers as they collectively get more involved in the mobile space, but privacy experts are already warning that such a move could put Facebook users at risk.

Wired have an interesting article about nuclear missile silos that are still manned. America and her nuclear warriors have an odd relationship. For decades, missileers (as we’re known in the military) have quietly performed their duties, custodians of a dying breed of weapon. But American citizens have no real connection with the shadowy operators who stand the old posts of the Cold War, despite the fact that they spend up to $8 billion a year to maintain our country’s nuclear deterrent.

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