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Wednesday Night (1 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 26-January-2011  23:51:56 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I hope your Australia day went well. I spent mine sunburnt and with a hangover, so that's at least traditional. :) Probably worth remembering that some folks are doing it tough at the moment, and if you want to help them out, you can donate to the QLD Flood Appeal or Red Cross VIC Flood Appeal. If you've got some PC bits you don't need, you can donate them to help people and businesses get back up to speed.

The Space Shuttle Discovery is rolling back to the launch pad soon, preparing (again) for its last mission before retirement. Steve Bowen replaced Tim Kopra as Mission Specialist 2 following a bicycle injury on Jan. 15 that prohibited Kopra from supporting the launch window. Wow, that's gotta suck.

IntelInside sends word of some unusual tamper-resistant screws being used in some Apple products. The comments in that article say these pentalobular screwdrivers are not perhaps as rare as that article makes out, but there's no appropriate bit in my many-bitted electronics screwdriver set. Still, it didn't take long to find some. Contrary to what has been widely reported elswhere, this is not a security Torx screw. Security Torx have a post in the middle. Apple would never use a real Torx security screw with a post for two reasons: they’re ugly, and the posts break off easily with screw heads this small.

Bored geeks are at it again, thanks Epi. This time, it's launching 200 paper planes from the edge of space. Each plane is carrying a Samsung SD Memory Card with a message that someone, somewhere in the world has uploaded. The planes were dropped from 36,500 metres over Berlin, Germany.

From drayzen: The much awaited AMD Catalyst 11.1a driver, especially by owners of 69xx cards like me, has been leaked and then an official update provided by AMD. I would recommend only using the official AMD download, also linked to in the 'Update, 23. Jan. 2011' section near the bottom of that page. Discussion here.

Tweaktown checked out Thermaltake's new HQ. Today Thermaltake opened its shiny new doors to customers, partners and press today to celebrate the opening of their new Taipei Neihu based headquarters. We got an invite to go along and check out all three floors which are home to Thermaltake, Tt eSPORTS, LUXA2 and the Tt Apollo's Pro Gaming Team.

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