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Sunday Night News (6 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 20-March-2011  23:22:25 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

I'm absolutely loving being back in Australia - the food, the beer, the environment - but I wish the rain would stop this on-off thing, honestly. Just rain, or don't! I missed the Supermoon because of it! Anyway, on with the news...

It seems that boring old pole antennae may be a thing of the past with the University of Illinois' development of special inks that can "print" an antenna in 3D, allowing for a variety of shapes, which apparently gives near-perfect reception: "If the antenna is everything that is claimed, hopefully mass production of the printing process can be worked out, as the material required -- silver nanoink -- is relatively cheap and available. If the printing nozzle/equipment can be pushed out at an affordable cost, your smart phone in a couple years could get a 3D antenna and better reception."

In a slightly different direction, Wired recently featured a photo on their front cover of a young woman, one Limor Fried, a female engineeer from Adafruit Industries. It seems doing just that has caused a bit of a stir - not because she's a women AND she's an engineer, but because they made her look good on the cover. Gizmodo looks into the whole kerfuffle further; it's an interesting read, including some views on society's expectations of smart vs attractive.

Penny Arcade's "PAX East 2011" gaming show in Boston has wound down, but there's still pictures and coverage of the event, this time from Hot Hardware. They covered gaming and "the moshpit" in this article, with some nice shots of 'live' liquid nitrogen-cooled overclocking. Don't get too excited at the thumbnails of apparent gaming "girls" though. *shudder*

Speaking of computer gear geekery, Phoronix have looked at the AMD Fusion E-350 and how well it plays with Linux: "While the AMD Fusion APU performance is one thing, how well supported are the advertised Fusion features under Linux? Well, below is a Linux look at the highly advertised Fusion features and their relevant Linux state."

In what has to be one of the most topically-titled articles ever - "Death of the mouse: How eye-tracking technology could save the PC": "First it was the mouse, then touch control, then motion. On Friday, we got our hands on Tobii's new eye-tracking laptop, which could potentially eliminate the need for the mouse by keeping tabs on what you're looking at with astounding accuracy." It certainly looks interesting, and includes a video of the system in operation. Will this take hold, or is it something gimmicky that will disappear like the old VR helmets from the early '90s? Comment!

We here at OCAU are big fans of Crytek: Agg loved their first big game, Far Cry, and I really dug the original Crysis. Crysis 2 is coming out soon and Gaming Nexus had the opportunity to sit down with the executive producer, Nathan Camarillo. "With Crysis 2, they have “recreated” an island type setting with urban elements. Through the destruction of seismic activity, the action will break up the ground to create undulating terrain, create streams and rivers via broken water mains, cave like structures with hanging ceiling tiles and wires with water dripping, and so forth." Sounds good to me! Screen shots are at the bottom of the article.

I'm the first to admit that I'm a bit behind the bleeding edge when it comes to overclocking technology, but I've been aware that most motherboards come with a bevy of tools and tricks in the BIOS to help even the most ham-fisted geek with squeezing a bit of extra performance out, but I'm slightly amazed at this: AMD have included a nice little switch dubbed 'AUSUM' which allows you to switch to a second BIOS with faster settings - overclocking with a flick of a switch. TweakTown have taken a good look at a Sapphire RadeonHD 6990 4GB Video Card by running it in AUSUM mode. A simple switch is all that's required now? I remember the days of swapping out crystal oscillators in my old 486dx50's mobo, trying to eek out some more grunt. *rants like an old man*

Finally, we've got an old fashioned video card round up at Inside Hardware: "The Ultimate Graphics Cards Round-up: Spring 2011" Unfortunately, they do talk in euros when regarding price, but everything else should make perfect sense.

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