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Wednesday Midday News (9 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 23-March-2011  12:20:13 (GMT +10) - by Sciby

First up, if you live in New South Wales (that'd be Australia), don't forget to vote this weekend. If you can't make it to an official polling station, you can vote online now at http://www.ivote.nsw.gov.au/ - it's not really meant to be used if you're just feeling lazy and don't feel like wandering into your local place. :) (thanks to Skymaster for the link)

MedJuice has told us about Google Body, a Google Maps for the human body - now you can see all the inner squishy bits of the human anatomy in all its 3D glory. "Any of you see Hollow Man? Well, the guys who did the special effects there have teamed up with Google to create a fully interactive, layered 3D model of the human body - and it looks awesome."

Apple has some new technological woes - it seems that the iPad 2 has problems with its screen and light bleeding and 2011 model Macbook Pro laptops are overheating and freezing, although Apple is staying tight-lipped about it. There's a long discussion thread on Apple's forums here.

The latest - and biggest - version of Boeing's 747 "Jumbo", the 747-8, has flown for the first time. It incorporates a lot of the technology used in the development of their next-gen airliner, the Dreamliner. "The 747-8 borrows some of the 787 Dreamliner's weight-trimming tech for better fuel efficiency and lower operational costs than older 747s and jumbo jet competition from Airbus. "

Next, a couple of things from Ars Technica: M-Lab - a partnership between Google and New America Foundation - have mapped and released two years worth of gathered data, focusing on user-measured broadband speed: "M-Lab has distributed testing tools for two years now and its servers have recorded data on the results. One of the most basic measurements is pure speed, measured in megabits per second. When these real-world speeds are charted on a map, they make Internet speed differences obvious in a way often obscured by simple lists and numbers."

Then we've got a new battery charging technology - Electrode lets lithium batteries charge in just two minutes. Some very smart people released papers outlining a new recharging system: "The authors, from the University of Illinois, don't focus on the speed of the lithium ions in the battery; instead, they attempt to reduce the distance the ions have to travel before reaching an electrode. As they point out, the time involved in lithium diffusion increases with the square of the distance travelled, so cutting that down can have a very dramatic effect. To reduce this distance, they focus on creating a carefully structured cathode. "

Lifehacker - one of my favourite websites (y'know, after OCAU, of course) - has visited Internode's offices in Adelaide and taken a photo of nearly anything they went near: "As you’d expect in an ISP building, there’s plenty of server and comms rooms to keep everything ticking over. And as you’d expect in a building populated by geeks, there’s also some high-tech entertainment available in the form of a Sega Rally machine, as well as an industrial-strength coffee machine."

Finally, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with tech or anything, but I just can't stop watching this kitten jump fail. Enjoy your lunchtime, folks!

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