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Monday Morning (8 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 6-June-2011  02:40:09 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Congrats to the winners of our recent MSI Giveaway. First prize went to xsphera, with juppy the runner-up, while Sven76 and pie123 picked up consolation prizes.

Google will stop supporting older browsers soon. Those using IE7, Safari 3, Firefox 3.5 and their predecessors to view Gmail, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites will then lose some functions. Eventually, it warned, these web services will stop working for those sticking with older browsers.

A few people sent in this report of a kid selling a kidney to buy an iPad 2. The way the Shanghai Daily tells it, the boy, from Huaishan City, said he couldn't afford an iPad 2 and wanted one rather badly. He said he was contacted by an online broker who told him he could get 22,000 Yuan (just under $3,400) for his kidney.

An Australian Facebook troll has been released from prison. Hampson, a self-confessed "troll", posted pictures of penises and wrote offensive messages on two sites for children killed in February last year.

France meanwhile has banned Facebook and Twitter from radio and TV. Radio and television news anchors may no longer say the words “Facebook” and “Twitter” on air, unless the terms are part of a news story. This prohibits French news organizations from urging their audience to “follow us on Twitter” or “check out or Facebook page,” or other such promotions.

Gigabyte have a new Touch BIOS, and both PCStats and Techgage checked it out. To help make up for the lack of a proper EFI solution, GIGABYTE has given its Z68 users what it touts as being a "Hybrid EFI" - or in non-marketing speak, a piece of Windows software for interfacing with an old-school BIOS. We take TouchBIOS for a spin and see if it has what it takes to become a viable solution for most users.

Apple have responded to the recent MacDefender by providing an update, but it's been bypassed by some newer malware. But sadly for Apple the story doesn't end there. Within 8 hours of releasing the update, ZDNet discovered a new version of Mac Defender popped up named "Mdinstall.pkg" and it's able to slide right by all of Apple's fancy new protections.

Oracle have given up on OpenOffice, and donated it to the Apache Foundation, thanks dasuperham. Oracle became the owner of the largest rival to Microsoft’s Office software when it acquired Sun Microsystems back in 2009. Open Office will now become part of the Apache Foundation’s Incubator project.

Cheap GPUs can be used as password-cracking powerhouses. Increase the password to 6 characters (pYDbL6), and the CPU takes 1 hour 30 minutes versus only four seconds on the GPU. Go further to 7 characters (fh0GH5h), and the CPU would grind along for 4 days, versus a frankly worrying 17 minutes 30 seconds for the GPU. Discussion here.

Normally vandalism isn't really news, but this attack on an under-construction Apple Store took some effort, thanks Grom Hellscream. They casually went up to the building posing as a team of construction workers, cordoned off a work site, and proceeded to screw pre-made panels, forming a Windows logo, to the side of the store's black veil -- all in broad daylight.

decryption is organising an Australian iOS Developer Conference. The aim of this conference is to give an insight into how Australian developers are achieving success on the App Store, and forging full-time jobs and careers out of cultivating their ideas and publishing their creations on Apple's App Store.

Sean wanted to let us know that the successor to the Wii is on the way and will be shown at E3. Project Café (colloquially referred to as the Wii 2, Wii HD, Nintendo Feel, or Nintendo Stream) is the codename for Nintendo's upcoming video game console and successor to the Wii. The system is expected to be released in 2012 and will be demonstrated in playable form at E3 2011, where the system's specifications will be announced.

The Duke Nukem Forever demo is now available to people in the "First Access Club", whatever that is.

Timbot sent in this neato kaleidoscope timewaster.

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