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Tuesday Afternoon (1 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 14-June-2011  16:45:58 (GMT +10) - by Agg

BeanerSA noticed that this is Men's Health Week. Men and boys face different health concerns than women and girls, and IMHW is an opportunity to both acknowledge these differences and look for ways to improve the health and wellbeing of men and boys. He suggests that, given the average gamer is 37 years old, we need to look after ourselves.

On an entirely unrelated note, IGN point out that all these jumping-around game consoles nowadays are great unless you're a fat sweaty guy. I definitely think Microsoft Kinect has cool uses -- see Sesame Street: Once Upon Monster -- but none of the games I saw today made me regret or want to change the lifestyle choices that have led to me being a big fat party animal.

Australian online wholesaler Distribute.IT has been hacked and taken down, thanks Folken. The company - best known as a domain name registrar - said in a post to its Twitter account that it had been the victim of a "very deliberate, coordinated & malicious attack".

If you're after more info on Bitcoin, Sniper spotted this article on DailyTech. First, the originators of the Bitcoin market didn't want to take the 100+ years that most modern currencies required to mature. To that end they "seeded" the market, by granting ownership "miners" -- people who used hardware to "find" Bitcoins using an underlying algorithm.

Gunna spotted an article about the horrors of Windows 8. But one aspect of the demonstration has the legions of Windows developers deeply concerned, and with good reason: they were told that all their experience, all their knowledge, and every program they have written in the past would be useless on Windows 8.

Gasman wants us to know that Tau Day is coming up soon. That page contains a detailed explanation of why Pi is wrong and Tau is what all the cool kids should be using, but cunningly makes it near impossible to tell from a skimread when Tau Day actually is. Seems to be June 28? I'll stick with Talk Like a Pirate Day, yarr.

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