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Wednesday Night (7 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 15-June-2011  22:50:53 (GMT +10) - by Agg

So, Duke Nukem Forever was finally released last week, and I don't think I even noticed. Maybe after a decade of teasers I just automatically filter DNF news out now. :) Anyway, reviews have been mixed, to say the least. Discussion continues in this enormous thread. Techgage have another review while Techspot checked out performance.

Still on the gaming front, Mario Marathon 4 is on next week. Mario Marathon is an annual fan run fundraiser for Child's Play Charity. Child's Play provides toys, games and books to patients of children's hospitals worldwide. The multi day internet event, broadcast live online, attracts an audience from around the world to watch as the team plays through twenty five years of Super Mario Brothers video games. Now in its fourth year, the event has attracted nearly 500,000 viewers, and raised over $125,000 for Child's Play.

Gigabyte and PCPP are holding an overclocking workshop in Sydney next week, and want to give out some tickets to OCAU people. More info here and here. We are taking 15 lucky amateur overclockers, so get in quick! The event is to be held Monday the 20th at Intime Cyber Cafe in Sydney, so the competition is only open to Sydney residents, or people willing to travel. TeamAU will be the mentors at the event, so everyone will be in very capable hands.

Speaking of which, Youngpro from TeamAU is chasing MSI Lightning 275 video cards to help bring the 3DMark01 record back to Australia. If you've got one, sell it to him, but be aware he will be doing horrible things to it in the name of speed. :) We already found 2 but unfortunately they have perished along the way.

Dave sent in this Unauthorised Backstory of the Portal Universe. Portal fans, are you interested in how Aperture Science went from the brink of bankruptcy to being one of the most powerful and advanced research facilities on the planet? Ever wonder who invented GLADOS, and how she developed her obsession with testing? Curious as to how a cube could become a man's best friend?

OhSmeg noticed that Australian TV Show "Hungry Beast" had an interesting video on the Stuxnet virus, which was picked up by security blogs including F-Secure's, where you can watch the clip. While not all the details in the video are technically accurate, it's still worth watching.

Tech Report toured Zotac's factory. Unlike some graphics card and motherboard makers, Zotac has its own production capacity. We tour the Zotac factory in Dongguan, China to see where the company's GeForce cards and Mini-ITX mobos are born.

Tweaktown have an NVIDIA NF200 x16/x16 vs. Intel x8/x8 P67 Performance Analysis. Over the last few years we've seen companies implement the chip to boards to help move the default SLI or CrossFire X setup from x8 / x8 which is offered via the Intel chipset, to x16 / x16 via the NF200 chip.

Kon sent this quite neat iPod magic trick video. Mostly just coordinated video playback and sleight of hand, but cleverly done.

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