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Monday Afternoon (4 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 27-June-2011  14:51:02 (GMT +10) - by Agg

I've been doing pretty well flu-wise, the last couple of years, but I'm hoping this tickle in my throat isn't turning into man flu. When the dreaded bug strikes, women have a much stronger immune response than men, Queensland researchers say.

Sniper spotted some early info on PCI Express 4. Even though PCI Express 3.0 is still several months away, PCI Express 4.0 is already in the works and some basic specifications of the interconnection technologies are already known. The maximum bandwidth of the fourth generation of PCIe interconnect will be 16GT/s per lane. There will also be a number of new features implemented.

Here's some very cool photos of a Space Shuttle flight deck. More than three months since Discovery returned from its final space voyage, the shuttle is now inside one of Kennedy Space Center's orbiter processing facilities. These images show Discovery's flight deck.

There's presumably a lot less knobs and buttons in driverless cars, which are now legal in Nevada. The legislature makes it legal for Google’s automated Prius and Audi TT fleet to cruise Nevada roads. But this isn’t just about the next industry Google is aiming to take over – read on for a closer look.

Meanwhile a US "artist" is gaming in a box for 7 days. Some may call him crazy but US artist Jordan Long is on mission to highlight post traumatic stress disorder by living in a crate on the back of a flat-bed trailer for seven days straight while playing the video game Lord of the Rings Online on his way to an art exhibition. Doesn't sound much more arduous than a long-weekend LAN party. :)

TF2 is apparently free forever. No advertising model will be pursued, Walker said. No premium subscription model will be used. No cynical “pay-to-win” options will be implemented, he assured. In-game items will now be the only way Valve gets any money from Team Fortress 2. But again, Walker assured that the number of gratis in-game items – which are released on a daily basis – would not dry up.

Japanese fans have been shocked to discover a pop star isn't real. Fans of the newest band member are understandably disappointed. But it's not hard to see how many were fooled during Eguchi's short run as a pop star. Watch the video above and see if you can pick out the fake girl before she's revealed. I couldn't. And even when I knew who was fake, she still didn't look fake to me.

Today's timewasters are Fragger Lost City and Fragger Bonus Blast, from biatch.

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