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Friday Morning (10 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 2-September-2011  02:56:48 (GMT +10) - by Agg

OCAU sponsor DIY Home Automation have announced the winner of their recent contest. Congrats, Rogue_Elefant!

Another cable released by Wikileaks seems to give an insight into the string-pulling behind the iiNet/AFACT case. An executive from the MPAA, the cable claimed, had briefed the US Ambassador on the matter, confirming it was the mover behind the case, with AFACT essentially functioning as a sub-contractor to the MPAA in the matter and the MPAA having no formal presence in Australia. However, the cable claimed that the MPAA would prefer its role not be made public. More here.

If you're in a McD's carpark and some people in a white van (or white Impala) offer to sell you a cheap iPad, it's probably made of wood. She handed them the money and then waited to open the FedEx box supposedly containing the iPad until she got home - where she proceeded to pull out not a shiny new Apple tablet, but a "piece of wood painted black with an Apple logo", the police report said.

Or, it might be an iPhone 5 prototype, given one was lost in a bar recently. Seriously? Original story here. Last year, an iPhone 4 prototype was bought by a gadget blog that paid $5,000 in cash. This year's lost phone seems to have taken a more mundane path: it was taken from a Mexican restaurant and bar and may have been sold on Craigslist for $200. Still unclear are details about the device, what version of the iOS operating system it was running, and what it looks like.

OCZ have released a hybrid drive. OCZ has separated itself from the only other competitor in the hybrid drive market, Seagate, by offering 25 times more NAND flash capacity and a vastly faster interface. The company also claims the drive can achieve up to a 910MB/sec. sequential read rate, or 120,000 I/O per second (IOPS) using 4K random writes for high transactional workloads. In comparison, Seagate's hybrid drive offers an average read rate of 83.7MB/sec.

Here's an interesting article about Intel's new random-number generator. That's why we have now developed a new and entirely digital system that allows a microprocessor to produce a copious stream of random values without those difficulties. Soon it will be coming to a processor near you.

TD sent in this MS blog post about Windows 8 Explorer updates. Windows Explorer is a foundation of the user experience of the Windows desktop and has undergone several design changes over the years, but has not seen a substantial change in quite some time. Windows 8 is about reimagining Windows, so we took on the challenge to improve the most widely used desktop tool (except maybe for Solitaire) in Windows.

AB points out that tomorrow is World Beard Day. Did I mention that I'm a bearded man? Just sayin'.

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