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Friday Afternoon (6 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 16-September-2011  13:48:40 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The Government has invited people to participate in the development of Australia's first Cyber White Paper. he Government released a public discussion paper as part of the development of the Cyber White Paper, which invites submissions on a range of issues regarding the importance of cyberspace to Australia’s social well-being, economic prosperity and broader national interests. The White Paper will look at how Governments, businesses and individuals can realise the full benefits of cyberspace while at the same time ensuring current and emerging risks can be managed.

NASA have announced their new deep space launch system. The Space Launch System, or SLS, will be designed to carry the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, as well as important cargo, equipment and science experiments to Earth's orbit and destinations beyond. Additionally, the SLS will serve as a back up for commercial and international partner transportation services to the International Space Station. Hooray!

Westfield Bondi Junction have a high-tech solution to lost cars in their carpark. Westfield Bondi Junction in Sydney recently added to its iPhone app the functionality for shoppers to find their parked car by entering its license plate number. But it's not all good news, thanks Creekin. Westfield's new mobile app has been caught leaking customers' car number plate data on to the public internet, allowing for "anyone with the knowhow" to monitor when cars entered and exited its Bondi Junction shopping centre car park.

OhSmeg spotted this crowd-sourced SETI using Australian telescopes. The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) has asked the public to donate spare computing power to science through a piece of open source Java technology. Like the 12-year-old SETI@Home project, TheSkyNet linked participating computers to form a powerful distributed network for deciphering data from radiotelescopes.

Angelbird have a new PCIe-based SSD card. Remember that 1GB/s PCIe SSD system from Angelbird we covered a year ago? Well, the company just let us know it's finally available. The performance claims are more modest than we saw in the beta phase, but we're not distraught: the new benchmark is 800MB/s reads and 750MB/s writes, achieved with a $3000 setup including four 240GB SSD modules mounted on a Wings PCI-e card with a 32GB SSD built-in.

Hrm, it's not April 1st today is it, nope.. ok. Anyway, MSI are working on voice activated motherboards. Today, we can reveal that the "JDLED3" is actually a connector for the voice-activating add-in board. From the software side, MSI will supply Voice Genie, software application that tracks your voice patterns so that you can perform basic control functions.

Today's timewaster is Jelly Cannon, from biatch. Annoyingly loud video ad before it, beware. The game's quite fun though.

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