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Thursday Morning (12 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 1-December-2011  03:12:47 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Don't forget, Tshirt orders close tomorrow. I understand payments take a little while to clear but make sure you get your order email in!

There's a proposal for a "3-strikes" system for pirates in Australia. Under a proposal released by telco industry body the Communications Alliance, users will receive an "education notice" if they are suspected of pirating content like movies. If they persist, they will be issued with up to three warning notices within a 12-month period. If a user continues to pirate content after that, they would then face the prospect of having their details passed on to copyright holders, allowing them to institute legal action. Discussion continues in this thread.

Robert Llewellyn has blogged from the set of Red Dwarf, where filming of Season 10 is underway! We are making 6 new episodes to go out on Dave in 2012. It’s very likely, if not definite, they will also be shown in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand too. All the original cast are appearing, Craig, Chris Danny and myself as Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Kryten.

There's an Electric Vehicle Trial happening soon in Victoria. Households selected for the trial will be provided with a car and charging infrastructure. You will have to pay for your own electricity, which will be cheaper than filling up with petrol. You will also need to provide information about where, when and how you drive the car, and what you think about it.

MoJoMaN sent word that WiFi might fry your sperm. In a report in the venerable medical journal Fertility and Sterility, Argentinian scientists describe how they got semen samples from 29 healthy men, placed a few drops under a laptop connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and then hit download. Four hours later, the semen was, eh, well-done.

Here's some amazing photos from inside an Amazon.com facility. These pictures are from Swansea, Wales. The Amazon Swansea fulfillment center is one of the largest Amazon warehouses in the world.

Rezin spotted that Internode have footage from the recent Gorgeous Festival. Kicking off, we thought we'd show you some exclusive footage from the Gorgeous Festival, held in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Aussie rock legends, Icehouse, supported by Josh Pyke and Emma Louise were recorded live on the 26th of November event, exclusively for Internode customers.

Battlefield 3 has been banned in Iran. Not too surprising, given much of it is set in Iran. This is one occasion where the realism depicted in video games has caused backlash: Various locations within Tehran are represented with alarming accuracy – including an assortment of industrial and urban settings as well as military spots. One scene is set within the city’s iconic Grand Bazaar.

Here's a quite beautiful video shot using Google Maps, thanks Andypoo. Google Street View stop motion animation short made as a personal project by director Tom Jenkins. Story: A lonely desk toy longs for escape from the dark confines of the office, so he takes a cross country road trip to the Pacific Coast in the only way he can – using a toy car and Google Maps Street View.

Issue #2 of Hardware Leaks is available for viewing now, with discussion in this thread.

GIGABYTE put on an overclocking workshop in Brisbane recently, and here's a video of the shenanigans.

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