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Battlefield 2

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Lock And Load Soldier!
You're shipping out to the high-tech frontlines for modern warfare like you've never seen it. In this revolutionary sequel to Battlefield 1942™, the action escalates to fever pitch with enhanced team play, advanced weapon systems and the most intense internet firefights ever.

Useful Threads / Links

The [OCAU] Tag

OCAU is not a clan - we are members of the Overclockers Australia forums who want to recognize fellow members in games. We are just a bunch of people who try to work well and honourably together, so in that way it's much better than most clans out there.

To use the tag in game just stick [OCAU] in the prefix box when you log in to BF2. To find if other members are currently playing and what server they are on, do a search for [OCAU] on Game Monitor or on ServerSpy.

General procedure for when you know other OCAUers are going to join or you see other OCAUers playing on your team is to create an OCAU squad and invite the players in. If we are having a big meet up in the game it's a good idea to lock the squad so other non-OCAU players don't take all the spots in the squad - don't worry if you're not invited in straight away, it will happen.

Please read and abide by each server's rules as it makes the game much more enjoyable for everyone.

If you have a problem with a fellow OCAU member then pm them, or post it in the BF2 discussion thread. Don't abuse them on public servers.


OCAU BF2 players are encouraged to play fairly. Your actions in game reflect on OCAU and all our members. Some of us don't have super impressive statistics, but that's not as important as enjoying the game and making it enjoyable for others.

When using the [OCAU] tag please refrain from -

  1. Swearing
    • The odd outburst at yourself (such as when crashing a vehicle or spilling coke on your keyboard) is acceptable but may be against server rules. If annoyed at someone, try a random insult as it can have a funny effect, eg. "You consumer of expired dairy products". Never swear at them.
  2. Bunny hopping
    • Do not bounce around the battlefield to make yourself harder to shoot. It looks silly.
  3. Spawn camping at uncappable bases.
    • Don't spawn camp at these as it is generally frowned upon, and serves no real purpose. Never do it in a vehicle. You should only be there for destroying the commander's assets or going after the commander, otherwise stay far away.
  4. Punishing for non-deliberate teamkills.
    • Do NOT punish team members for (unless obviously intentional) -
    1. Road kills. (Roads are for vehicles, not people)
    2. AT Mine/Claymore kills. (These are clearly marked with a red skull and crossbones, so no excuses)
    3. Air strike kills. (As most of you know, friendlies aren't always easy to see from aircraft)
  5. Placing anti-tank mines on vehicles.
    • It is possible to place an AT mine on top of a vehicle and when the vehicle moves it detonates. Don't do it, they belong under vehicles.
  6. Racism
    • This is never acceptable.
  7. Deliberate teamkilling
    • If someone deliberately teamkills you then report them, do not seek revenge. Teamkilling reduces your score, your team's tickets, and looks very bad.

As a forum member you are not obliged to use the [OCAU] tag. If you can't follow these ethics then don't use it. It only takes a few bad eggs to ruin a clan's reputation.

Trouble Makers

Never team kill them, ever. Don't deliberately step on their claymores, jump in front of their vehicle, or any other action that forces them to teamkill you. Make it their choice.

What you can do:

  1. Inform them.
    • They might not know the server rules.
  2. Get them banned.
    • If they are breaking server rules, screenshot their behaviour and submit it to the server admins. You should also screenshot the scoreboard with their name on it, get their punkbuster ID, and the time that it occured.
  3. Discuss it.
    • If it's an OCAU player, then regulars in the OCAU BF2 discussion forum can help sort it out. Remember, anyone can join the forum.
    • If it's a member of another clan, then try to report it to their clan. Most clans have a strict code of conduct and will take action if shown evidence.
  4. Hunt them down.
    • Get onto the opposite team, and go out of your way to hunt this one person. Repeat to them why you are doing it. Hopefully it will sink in.
  5. Go to a different server.

Even if someone has the OCAU prefix, they might not have anything to do with OCAU. If they're not in the roll call, then assume they're not a member of OCAU.

Roll Call

In the page Battlefield 2/Roll Call.

Server Rules

In the page Battlefield 2/Server Rules.

OCAU Clan - Gamearena Ladder

At the beginning of March, the informal meetings of OCAU players on public servers gave birth to the idea of an official (but still informal) entry into competition on the Gamearena BF2 ladder. Within days of the discussion starting, more than 25 people had joined the team and an entry into the ladder was declared.

Track the team here - OCAU Clan - Gamearena Ladder


In the page Battlefield_2/Strategies.


In the page Battlefield_2/Maps.

Weapon damage to vehicles

In the page Battlefield_2/Vehicle_hit_points.

Official Patches

In the page Battlefield_2/Patches.

Stunts Videos

The Sir. Community - Stunts of Oman
The Sir. Community - Stunts Regeneration
The Sir. Community - Aerialistic
Secrets of Battlefield - Flyin High

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